Episode 137: Hang Up, Sorry! (w/ MikeTV)

Justin is out in Jolly Ol' England to exploit the British and their Brexit-weakened Pound. Meanwhile, back in Austin, MikeTV is live in studio to hang out, play some songs and annoy a customer service representative of a women's fashion brand.

Released on October 4, 2016, 10:00 pm UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

Texas calls England.

Justin and Ashley: Brexit Exploiters

Justin and Ashley are in London for two weeks because the British Pound took a pounding after the Brexit. Since timezones are all weird, they're actually recording this episode five hours earlier than they normally would.

What Band is MikeTV in Now?

MikeTV is back on the show! Ok so his band Say It With A Bullet is on permanent hiatus and he's the only one left in Get Set Go. He can't release music under the name MikeTV because somebody else owns that name. Maybe he'll go with Michael Television though.

The guys talked a bit about the state of the music industry. Mike also has a new album out called "Death and Taxes. Mostly Taxes". You can check it out wherever, but you should also buy it on Bandcamp.

Wil Harris is Here!

Justin is in ye olde London town, so OF COURSE our favorite Britto, Wil Harris, is gonna show up on the show! Man, he seems really "happy"

Music Break

MikeTV played the title track off of his latest album, "Death and Taxes".

Wil Harris is Gone

I dunno, I guess he just left?

ANAL 2?!

Justin is gonna be in Austin for a wedding in December, what if we did a live show at a bar or something with MikeTV performing and Brian and Justin introducing him or doing something after him or just talking about their buttholes while he sings? That'd be cool! That should happen. Someone go make that happen!


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Last Week with Aunty Donna

Last week there were some pretty big tech failures and if it wasn't for Neshcom and Tom Merritt they probably would've just scrapped the episode. After the episode ended, they all went down to the local bar and pitched the Aunty Donna boys on starting a Patreon. Also, all three of those fucking moron Australians think The Dark Knight Rises was the best Batman movie. At least they're funny.

Then the next day when Brian and Justin were walking around LA somebody recognized Brian from The Modern Rogue. How neat is that?!

Later that night when they were walking to the Aunty Donna show, they saw a billboard for "Hale Bob". I don't know if you remember 1997, but there was a comet called Hale-Bopp and there was a suicide cult associated with it. But Hale Bob is just some women's fashion brand. That's pretty weird, right?

Anyway, the guys pressured Bryce into calling Hale Bob (apparently pronounced "Hay-Lee Bob") and it was real awkward. Unfortunately, Bryce didn't ask about why they named their company after something that reminds people of a suicide cult. Because of this they had Mike call them back pretending to be Bryce. The customer service lady said that the name was actually a reference to the comet. Mike went on to explain that he was from a show, but Brian was violently signaling him to hang up so all he said was "uhh, uhh… the show's called Hang up, sorry" and he hung up.

Music Break 2

Mike played the song "Edgewalker".

More Aunty Donna Talk

So the show was amazing and after the show they hung out at the VIP party where Eric Idle was also hanging out. Also Tim Minchin and Dylan (probably Dylan Moran?) was there. After a while Eric Idle and Dylan Moran gave the boys some honest and helpful notes on the show. The boys later told Brian and Justin what the notes were and Brian and Justin proceeded to shit on their notes.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

You See that Plinkett Review?

RedLetterMedia released their Plinkett review for The Force Awakens. The guys talked about how they felt the review was kinda unnecessary because TFA was actually a pretty good movie and the reason that the Plinkett reviews of the prequels were so amazing is because they were masterful teardowns of godawful films. Because TFA was nowhere near that level of terrible, this Plinkett review seemed like an extension of their brand that didn't need to happen… which was basically how the review described TFA.

Wil Harris is Back and He Bit Justin's Nipple

That happened

To Play Us Out. What Does That Mean?

That is it for us today, I'm Leon, thanks again for watching. We'll leave you with MikeTV and a cut off his new album.Take it away.


There was only a couple minutes of forreals aftershow, but they came back and did a livestream with MikeTV and Bryce playing with the HTC Vive. And hey! Since that's not part of the official aftershow, I'll give you a link to that stream RIGHT NOW!



Belt Winner

  • Seriously, this is no longer a thing

Great Quotes

  • "... the show's called 'Hang up, sorry'."- MikeTV hanging up on the Hale Bob people
  • "Ehh-gehnt thra-tom" - phonetic spelling of Justin trying to pronounce "agentrandom"

Fun Facts

  • Justin and Wil seemed pretty drunk


  • None

Preshow Doc


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