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Episode 92: Strongly Agree with Reservations?

The Brushwood girls are making national news, we take the temperature of Iowa voters and is Brian sufficiently becoming part of the booty?

Episode 91: You Could Win A 2012 Kia Soul!

What was thought to be a 15 minute story turns into a 45 minute journey into the time in which Brian and Justin got roped into hosting a New Years Eve party for which they never got paid. Then some other stuff happens. A great song remix, Mission: ImStosselable, we watch Brian dance some more. It's a good one.

Episode 90: I'm Allergic to B's

Justin is back in Austin for a world record 4th time in a row! Mission ImStosselable continues and MikeTV joins us to create a new band and force Brian's employees to change their names.

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