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Episode 140: That's Illegal (w/ Jason Murphy)

Jason Murphy returns to the show to tell us of his whirlwind adventures at a massive Hollywood premiere and legitimately makes Brian supremely jealous when he reveals that he was able to have an extended chat with one of Brian's heroes.

Episode 139: Beautiful Submarines

We're all back in the good ol' US of A to talk about haircuts, cool boy names and dumb Kickstarters, then we finish it off with a discussion about the 2016 Winter Movie Draft and some unfortunate jokes.

Episode 138: The Chancellor's Revenge

It's another mid-day Bright Attack! Justin tells more tales of his trip out to the ancient land of Britain, including a run-in with a homophobe, American impressions and losing his iPhone. On the other side of the pond, Bonnie rubbed pepper spray into her face and a friend of the show got dragged into a twitter controversy.

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