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Episode 48: That's Prostitution!

The streak of awesome episodes continues as Justin's "Ghost Dad" mystery gets a satisfying conclusion and Sarah Lane returns for Problem Solverz.

Episode 47: Ghost Dad

Wow, dude. This is an episode that'll be talked about for a long time. The guys begin to investigate the mystery caused by Justin's thought-to-be-dead father adding him on Facebook a few hours before the show. Is it his actual father? Is it a scammer looking for money? Is it his actual father looking for money? WHO KNOWS?! Oh yeah, and Brian's TV show debuted on Nat Geo. Whatever.

Episode 46: A Sad Face, A Wet Emoji, and A Finger

The guys are infatuated with Yik Yak, incensed by children on Reddit, insulted by Chet Paige and infected with Hacking the System fever!

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