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Episode #332: TimTam FlimFlam (w/ Mikey Neumann)

We're joined with FilmJoy's own Mikey Neumann for another killer quiz: "Real or Fake: Quibi Show Edition." Plus, your emails to [email protected]. Shaq, Papa John, and The General walk into a bar...

Episode #331: BallWasher, the 69th of His Name (w/ Casey McKinnon and Antony Johnston)

We're joined with The Haunted Broadsword herself, Casey McKinnon, and writer/director/podcaster/awesome guy Antony Johnston to talk about filming a short film during quarantine and how they got connected. Plus, a new game, "The Would You Rather Bot Hall of Fame," and your emails to [email protected]. Julius Caesar Diarrhea couldn't make it tonight.

Episode #330: Mr. Gorbachev, Shouts Outs This Wall!

Justin's back from Tulsa and has some thoughts on the totally-respectably-sized Air Force 2. Plus, a new round of "News6," and a deep look at Justin thanks to an email to [email protected]. Paging Dr. Freud!

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