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Episode #342: It's Been...

Brian unveils which lucky weimaraner pup is going to grace the Brushwood home. Plus, a brand-new game, "Naughty or Nautical" with telecom services provided by our friends at AT&P. AT&P: Connecting the world(TM). And your emails to [email protected]! Hip hip hooray! :( 

Episode #341: Ask Your Local Capitalist in the Square (w/ Scott Johnson)

Frogpants' Scott Johnson is back to talk about (surprise) Mad Max: Fury Road, James Cameron, and join us in a celebrity bug game, "You Named Me After a What?!" Plus, your emails to [email protected] including a viral video from one of our own! Arthur Conan Bieber!

Episode #340: Thank You To...Me!

Brian and Justin are starting to emerge from Work County, Bat Country, U.S.A. Dinosaurs, explosions, and virtual yard signs on a new round of News6, The News...That 6! Your emails to [email protected]. The Thinking Man's Podcast.

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