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Episode #312: He Slings Schlongs By The Sea Shore

Justin knows everything about this election and Brian has questions. Plus, a new game, "What Could Go Wrong?" Avoid booping the forbidden snoot.

Episode #311: Screenwriter Apologizes for Cats 2 and Scooter Pic (w/ C. Robert Cargill)

Justin's back from the NH primary and dog-face factory. Plus, C. Robert Cargill joins us to talk about him doing Cats 2: The Furrening and play a new round of "Apologizes For..." The rule of thumb!

Episode #310: The Golden Receiver

Bonnie's got a new birthday gift and it's *saucy.* Justin's back from Iowa, which is still reeling from a disastrously-executed caucus. Plus, a new twist on our AliExpress game and your emails to¬†[email protected]. They did a good sex.

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