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Episode #347: Short Haired Cowards and The Lobro Mobile (w/ Lobro)

We're joined with a fresh-faced Lobro, who is spreading positivity and good vibes in the midst of a pandemic. Eels! Smokin' in the bathtub. The transit of the space monster truck. Get inside me, Brian! Plus, we do our democratic duty and solve a bunch of new Would You Rather Bot prompts and your emails to [email protected] 

Episode #346: A Harley Quinn/Dilophosaurus Relationship (w/ John Cullen)

Brian ran a half-marathon and Andrew Heaton gets angry after one single day in San Francisco. We're joined with Blocked Party's John Cullen and talk social media rejection. Plus, a new Monster Match: Hypothetical Halloween and your emails to [email protected]. Oh may, oh my, I'm a little Halloween man.

Episode #345: £ Town

Brian's COVID-free and he's not even barely rusty at all. Talk about a transparent personality! Justin's about to have a house- and content-guest. A new round of the news/trivia game "News 6" and your emails to [email protected]. Oi! Innit? 

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