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Episode #308: Peensylvania

Hoo boy, this one's a little...hoo boy. Fake meat, but real stink. Plus, a new game, "My Little Sheindlin Can't Possibly Be This Litigious!!" The Chad Bacon King and the Virgin Cuck Whopper.

Episode #307: You Gave My F****** Emmy Away?!? (w/ J-F Dubeau and Amy Frost)

Brian reports from his family's vacation: did he end up in Gator Land? The government says this is a chance encounter at tha Austin International Airport. We're joined with Achewillow's J-F Dubeau and Amy Frost to talk about their new storytelling podcast and her experience on America's Next Top Podcaster. And a new game about the stupid ideas we had as kids. Gorillatember!
Check out J-F and Amy's new fictional podcast "Achewillow" on all podcast directories or at

Episode #306: Protect the End of That Sentence Like a Faberge Egg! (w/ MikeTV and Trey)

New year, same us. Brian has a family vacation. Let's see how prepared he was. Plus, MikeTV and Trey Warren are here to talk about his new GetSetGo songbook Kickstarter, play some music, and try out a new 2020-inspired game from an unsuspected source. The Romance Council awards you seven vaginas.

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