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Episode #282: Hues the Boss (w/ Lobro)

Brian's tales of celebrity from VidCon. Talking shit on Disney Land. Positivity streamer Lobro joins the show and a baby's day out in a new SNL quiz. Plus, emails to [email protected]. Your parents don't check that bottle!

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We're doing a comedy festival! See us live in Austin at Out of Bounds Festival:

Episode #281: Wolfglen99 Presents: Taffy Ass (w/ MikeTV)

Tech off the back of a truck; VidCon, SDCC, and GenCon trips inbound; and the return of Clickblank! And your emails to [email protected]. Hot Mike on mic action!

Episode #280: How Short Is Her Butt! (w/ Scott Johnson)

Bonnie's art is on fire! Scott's butt is a big topic of conversation. A scientific round of "Jargon and the Jargonauts" and your emails to [email protected].

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