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Episode #293: Bonnie's Bulk Wedding Emporium

Brevity is for c-words. Marking out trails on the new Seven Acre Shwood...or is it an old woman? Plus, a new bit/game: "Are You REALLY The Asshole?" Plus your emails on China and podcast reviews to [email protected]. It's a check-book-wedding!

Episode #292: For Your Cogsideration (w/ Wil Harris)

The OG Britto, Wil Harris, is back in-studio since his 2017 Nerdtacular appearance. We have a chance of a lifetime to win a...Grammy?!  But we need your help! Plus, a new round of News6, The News...That 6. Hey-Bossing a mountain!
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Episode #291: Sisyphus Dunks (w/ Andrew Heaton)

It's the first Night Attack from the Diamond Club Studios at the Seven Acre Shwood. Andrew Heaton from The Political Orphanage joins us to talk about the new space, vetoes, and window pane pain. Plus, we christen the space with a new round of "Apologizes For." Fuck-muppet!

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