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Episode #256: Nobody Hurts My Bri-Bri

Debating a controversial track for the upcoming album, which comes out in one week! Get on the mailing list NOW NOW NOW at so we all pre-order it at the same time next week. Plus, which actors are good now and the magic Mount Rushmore.

I mean it, join the dang email list at

Episode #255: Limberfingers (w/ Max Temkin)

Brian and Justin are back from Vegas and 2018 and have stories of weed and craps. Toni B Leaky can't keep a secret. Max Temkin of Cards Against Humanity and Do By Friday joins the boys to talk CAH "pranks" and getting into a shifting magic landscape. Plus, foot-fetish Robin the Boy Wonder.

The new Night Attack album "All's Well" featuring the music of Steven Cogswell comes out January 22. Keep an eye out for pre-orders and let's get another #1 album!

Episode #254: American Golden Idol (w/ Ice Cream Social)

Brian, Justin, and Bonnie are live from Las Vegas with our friends Matt, Paul, and Jacob from Ice Cream Social. Glass dick shots. The year-end Google Global Year-In-Search/Zeitgeist is back! What news topics does everyone know? Plus, Aqua Man! Check out the Ice Cream Social podcast every week at

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