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Episode #318: Better Looking Than Late Night TV (w/ MikeTV and Trey Warren)

We're joined with music masters MikeTV and Trey Warren to really show Jimmy Fallon what's what. Brian's getting solicitations from a Soviet dating site. Bonnie says, "fix those chompers, Tiger King!" Plus, exploring the internet's preeminent poll @WYR_bot. Bryce.exe has crashed.

Episode #317: The Muhammed Ali of Small Dicks

MLG gamer Brian Brushwood found an escape in Half-Life: Alyx. The preliminary Billy Joel tourney results are in--how did we do? (more Billy Joel picking in this week's aftershow) Describing a fucking internet meme on air. Real or Fake is back with "Reallit or Fakkit!" Smokeshow granny!!

Episode #316: Live Long and Pay Me (w/ Tom Merritt)

WARNING: This episode contains significant amounts of Billy Joel. The Founder's Day Picnic has been delayed and Bonnie's a "cover" artist. We're also joined with Daily Tech News Show's Tom Merritt to renew a once-failed game, now titled "Lost in Translation Party." Get fucked Hamlet, you had your chance!

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