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Episode #359: 1-800-CREAMBARTS

Oh, it's FUCKING ON. Ice Cream Social wants to talk shit? Talk big game about doing a Mikey quiz crossover with us this February? NOT HAVING IT. IT'S ON, CREAMBARTS. Plus, a Real or Fake game about Goosebumps (not Ghostbumps) and your High Thoughts to [email protected]

Episode #358: You Won't Believe What Happens After The Politics Talk

The country had a smidge of an armed insurrection, so we break that down--no, no stick around really, Justin has a HUGE HUGE announcement for later in 2021. Plus, a new game "Para Para Paraphilia!" La La Land!

Episode #357: Pollonormative

Big dunks, deleted tweets, Richard Donner's Family Feud, Yes Man-Hype Man, and just reading Bryce's tweets (@brycas) on this pre-recorded episode. Plus, a new round of "Apologizes For..." and some more of the High Thoughts you sent to [email protected]. Dog eggs.

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