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Night Attack Comedy Albums

All's Well: A Night Attack Album

For years a mysterious musician has created one song per week based on dialogue from the award-winning podcast Night Attack. His best work is combined with original comedy from Night Attack hosts Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young in "All's Well."

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Balls Deep
  3. 1-800- The
  4. The Most Expensive Guacamole
  5. Guacamole
  6. Need a Little Time
  7. Mike TV
  8. Need a Little Time Reprise
  9. Poop in Space
  10. Symmetrical
  11. Tulips
  12. The Fish Diss Track
  13. The Scam Stuff Work Song
  14. British John Stossel
  15. A Night Attack Christmas
  16. Time of Year, O Time of Year
  17. Going so Low
  18. Who's the Bitch
  19. My Butt Is Mine (Mine Mine)
  20. Ladies and Gents
  21. Clear out the Vents
  22. Stereotypical Italian Hitmaker
  23. Middle Ages
  24. The Trees Hate You (Cedar Fever)
  25. The Best Setup Ever
  26. Seven Deadly Sinatras
  27. Favorite Place to Cry
  28. Glaxnar
  29. Overture Congress

Night Attack 3: Too Old To Talk

They're back with a new journey of growth and discovery (and not just in their pants). Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young open themselves up as they discuss a universal truth in comedy, follow-ups to two classic Night Attack stories, and the debut of the next big superhero duo.


Track List

  1. The Funniest Force In The Universe
  2. The Ballad Of Captain Poop
  3. Most Hated
  4. The Day The Real Brian Brushwood Was Born
  5. Definitely The Funniest Force In The Universe (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  6. Home Depot (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  7. Bonnie's Paradise (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  8. Story Doesn't Matter (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  9. That Special Ring
  10. Prez, Do You Even Lift?
  11. Continental Congress Style
  12. Hall of Presidents
  13. Fucking Brands I (with Veronica Belmont)
  14. Trip to China
  15. Awkward Bus
  16. B.A.N.G. Bus
  17. Captain Morgan Comes Again
  18. Fucking Brands II (with Veronica Belmont)
  19. Lifestyles of the Internet Famous (with Chad Johnson)
  20. Special's Shadow (with Chad Johnson)
  21. Fucking Brands III (with Veronica Belmont)
  22. Sissy Hypno
  23. Old Motherfuckers
  24. Most Hated (TROPIX Remix)
  25. Prez, Do You Even Lift? (TROPIX Remix)
  26. Home Depot (TROPIX Remix)

Night Attack (Live)

NSFWshow's Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young continue their explicit Night Attack series in their first ever live album. Featuring the very best from DragonCon 2013 in Atlanta and Nerdtacular 2013 in Salt Lake City, prepare for Night Attack... LIVE!

Track List

  1. T.W.I.T Hype Man / Scott Fletcher
  2. Bad Rappin' Hitler
  3. A Frolicking Good Time
  4. Blotter Acid
  5. R.L. Stine
  6. Crotch Rocket (Bonus)
  7. Fat Rick
  8. Star-Struck (Bonus)
  9. Ad Dragon
  10. Ira Sockman
  11. Paul McCartney
  12. Captain Morgan
  13. Vines

Night Attack 2: Enjoy The Garden

In this sequel to 2011's hit comedy album, join Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young as they discuss the massage of a lifetime, saving lives, and whether or not it's okay to do certain activities around your friends.

Track List

  1. Go
  2. Hobo Joe
  3. Jaunty Jerk
  4. Special Massage
  5. Gay Not Gay
  6. Knight's Oil
  7. Dracula Turkey
  8. Fuckable Monsters
  9. Most Terrified
  10. P.S.A.
  11. Jerkin' Jerry the Pukin' Panhandler
  12. Blackout Drunk: The App
  13. Animal Fairy
  14. Time Machine Racist: The Movie
  15. Racist Justin
  16. Justin Robert Young... Hero
  17. Herbert Hoover / Pot Cliche Ghost
  18. City Killer
  19. Abe's Labes
  20. Bonus: Animal Fairy (Nesh Complex Remix)
  21. Bonus: Superhero (Nesh Complex Remix)
  22. Bonus: Abe's Labes (Nesh Complex Remix)
  23. Bonus: Hobo Joe (Nesh Complex Remix)
  24. Bonus: Racist Time Machine (Nesh Complex Remix)

Night Attack

Brian and Justin invite you to their explicit, top-secret conversations that take place after NSFWshow. Culled from hours of recordings, prepare for tales in which Hitler grooves to the Mexican Hat Dance, pot smokers hijack a kindergartener and much more.

Track List

  1. Mexican Hitler [1:29]
  2. High Steaks [6:04]
  3. Fat Kid Justin [5:47]
  4. Mexican Hitler Strikes Back! / Sweatin' to the Fuhrer [8:31]
  5. T.I.B. [10:57]
  6. Go Pebbles [2:04]
  7. TacOverlords [2:46]
  8. Justin Stand Up / Skull Crusher [7:03]
  9. Female Comedians [7:24]
  10. Sleep [7:42]
  11. Computer Program [6:56]
  12. Uncle Bilbo [13:52]
  13. Missed Call [0:20]
  14. B-Side: Comedy Events [8:58]
  15. B-Side: Halloween [3:26]
  16. B-Side: Celebritawkward [9:17]
  17. B-Side: Read the Book Last [6:22]
  18. B-Side: Jurassic Park [8:23]