Episode 100: That's 100 Episodes!

We made it to 100 episodes! Again! Tom Merritt returns to the show as we look back on the history of this and all previous incarnations of Brian and Justin's show.

Released on January 20, 2016, 4:51 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia


Somehow, the topic of restaurant managers hitting on underage hostesses came up. This gave the guys the idea to hire and underage hostess for Night Attack. All sorts of "little girls" called in to apply for the position. It was pretty entertaining.

Cold Open

Night Attack #100!

Let's Look Back at the Last 100 Episodes

Since the start of this podcast a few things have changed. The addition of the cold opens, and further, Spearmint Nitrate animating them was a really cool addition. Tom, Justin and Brian discussed how the show has changed fromBBLiveShow to NSFW to now.

The Belt Bet is Back!

Remember back in NSFW how they weren't allowed to curse and they had The Belt? Since Night Attack isn't tied to any network they can pretty much say whatever they want so The Belt was retired. But hey, let's bring The Belt back for this episode at least. If you're a new listener, The Belt is given to anyone that swears during the episode. Once a second person swears, The Belt is taken from the first person and given to the second. The person with The Belt at the end of the show is that show's champion. This wasn't part of the original Belt rules, but for this episode the champion will have to donate $10 to an organization of the other person's choosing.


The Patreon is at $1568. If you want to become a patron, head on over to Patreon.com/NightAttack.

During the Patreon plug Bryce played a montage of Night Attack clips put together by Leon (hey! That's me!). Watch it for yourself here. For context behind all the clips check out the full write up at the Night Attack Episode 100 Montagepage.

Episode 100 Audience Survey

Before the show, Justin created a google form to ask the audience about the bits they loved and the bits they hated.



  • "daddy and daddy fighting" like what happened in Episode 9
  • No conclusion to the Startup Spelling Bee - We aimed too high with a full tournament, so instead let's have a live Startup Spelling Bee at some Silicon Valley convention (LOL) Ok, maybe just SXSW or Patreon (Editor's note: Don't get your hopes up)
  • Late starts

Friendly Recommendation

The Contender

Hey! The Politically Incorrect expansion for The Contender was originally a Kickstarter exclusive, but they are on sale right now for $10 for ANYBODY WHO WANTS THEM. If you're reading this close to the release of this episode you can head on over to TheContender.us to buy the expansion as well as the base deck. And If you use the promo code "<>" you'll get $0.10 off and Justin will personally sign one of the cards and write "8===D" on the Nixon card in the Politically Incorrect Expansion.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Movie Draft Chat

  • This Week's CRUMDUM
  • The 5th Wave got pushed back a week, so to give it it's full 4 weeks, the entire draft will be extended one week
  • Even though Star Wars gets an extra week, Tom will still win - CRUMDUM
  • You're high - Brian
  • If Brian wins: AWESOME! If Brian loses: he was right about how Star Wars wouldn't invalidate the draft - Brian


They started talking about politics since Justin had to donate to the Rand Paul campaign and Brian sang a song about flushing his vote down the toilet by voting for Gary Johnson and killing himself. Then he actually fell out of his chair and knocked over the trashcan.

Also, even though it was already announced in her own stream, Ashley announced to the Night Attack crowd that she is going to start working at Twitch

Belt Winner

  • Justin - He has to donate $10 to the Rand Paul campaign

Great Quotes

  • "LET'S TEXT BRYCE" - Justin proposing to talk to their producer rather than forgetting about their plans for the show
  • "I believe in one God and that's Justin Robert Young" - Brian toward the end of the Movie Draft segment

Fun Facts

  • In this episode, Captain Morgan revealed that he used to be known as Michael Dukakis
  • During this episode it was revealed that Cargill told Justin, Bryce and Brian that he was the writer for Doctor Strange after the Night Attack episode Guillotine Leg Drops Can't Melt Steel Beams


Preshow Doc


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