Episode 102: Not A Podcast

Awww snap! It's a pre-recorded episode! No livestream! No chat! But there's still live callers? Sure, whatever. We talk about our dreams and nightmares and then we ask a 13-year-old about hypothetical sex and his significant other.

Released on February 3, 2016, 5:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

The guys did a live cover of the cold open from Night Attack 88.

Brian is Skiing with the Family and Justin is On His Way Back From Iowa

Yo dawg, this episode was recorded 10 hours after the last episode, but it wasn't recorded live. WHAAAA? That's crazy! That hasn't happened since December 2011! Well at the usual Tuesday time the show would have recorded, the Brushwoods are out in Utah for their first real family vacation and Justin is flying back from his whirlwind trip to Iowa for the nation's first Caucus.


After talking about air travel, the guys started discussing the kinds of dreams/nightmares they have.

Dreams/Nightmares the guys have:

  • Plane crashes - Brian
  • Plane crashes but he has superpowers - Justin
  • Peeing their pants - Both of them
  • Horrifying nightmares - Brett
  • Women throwing themselves at you, but you say "no" - Brian
  • Women throwing themselves at you, but you say "yes" - Justin
  • Work-related fears - Brian (according to Bonnie)

Dream Brian WANTS to Have:

  • Bonnie gets struck by lightning, turns into Rogue from the X-Men and they have sex


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Man, This Shit is Easy

Like, this is how EVERY other podcast is recorded. No chatroom to appease, just two people talking. This is the easiest thing ever!

Hey, Let's Get Random People to Call In

This is a pre-recorded episode. Have I mentioned that? Nobody's watching. But Justin suggested that they go on Twitter and tell people to call in. Spoiler alert: Brian has over a million twitter followers and most of the calls were from random Scam School fans.

Then when people call in, Justin will ask them if a significant other will be more upset by A) Having a dream you had sex with another person or B) Having a dream where lightning transformed the significant other into another person and you had sex with them.


  1. Juryfacts: He chose option A
  2. Izak (Phoenix) from Tennessee: A
  3. Michael from Denmark: A (They'd probably love option B)
  4. Ashley: B
  5. Bonnie: A (Brian is going to buy SO MANY Rogue costumes!)
  6. Guy that almost sounded like Tensorguy: (he didn't say anything)
  7. Krunchy: B

Friendly Recommendation


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So What Are We Going to Be Doing On Tuesday at 7pm PST?

Hey! We're in the past! Let's predict things!

  • Trump and Sanders won the Iowa Caucus - Brian
  • Bonnie will be recovering from a long day of giving very specific directions on how people can feed her kids - Bonnie
  • There won't be any fighting between the Brushwood kids - Brian

Poker Chips and Dog Treats

So Penny's fancy school had an invention fair thing and all the kids had to invent something. Penny invented a dog treat thing or something. Then at the fair all the kids were given poker chips (to vote for their favorite inventions? I don't know, I missed that part) and this one adult that was working there was going crazy with all the kids making noise with all those damn poker chips.

This Is Not A Podcast

Callie Brushwood joined the show to inform us that she doesn't want to play with mommy and this is NOT a podcast.

Diamond Time


Another Steven Cogswell Gem

Jesus Fucking Christ. Steven Cogswell. The dude's at it again, he remixed a few bits from last week's aftershow and put them into this song that you can find at awfty.com/star.


There was a couple minutes of Brian and Justin chatting after the episode, then on Tuesday (the regularly scheduled Night Attack night when the episode was first broadcast) Bryce did a live Not Attack. Not Attack is a show that Bryce usually does when Night Attack gets moved to a different time. He gets on the stream and plays preshow videos, talks to the chat and plays games. It's a fun time!

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "Congratulations Bernie Sanders, congratulations Donald Trump. You both won the straw poll [sic]." - Brian

Fun Facts

  • Izak aka Phoenix isn't a fan of the show, but when people started hitting him up on Twitter, he found out about the live broadcast of the pre-recorded episode and joined the chat.@izakpotato. Follow him. Or don't.

Preshow Doc


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