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Episode 108: Austin Night Attack Live 2016

We're live from the Brew Exchange in Austin, TX for the first ever Austin Night Attack Live! Tom Merritt, OhDoctah, The Possum Posse and the Chatrealm are here to take a look at a questionable tattoo and play 30 Seconds or DIAF.

Released on March 12, 2016, 10:00 pm UTC


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Show Notes


Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia

Cold Open

The Possum Posse played "Liquored Me Up" and "Alright By Mine"

The First Live Night Attack/NSFW/BBLiveShow at SXSW

The guys have been doing a show together since 2009 and this is the first time they've actually done a live show in front of an audience at South By Southwest. How neat is that? They're live inside the Brew Exchange, a bar on 6th St. in Austin.

Height Issues

Tom Merritt was invited to join the show and he sat on top of some books. Brian then revealed that in nearly all of the early Scam School episodes he would sit on his foot to make himself taller.

Owen JJ Stone AKA OhDoctah

The BBverse's original black friend joins the show! For new listeners, Owen JJ Stone AKA OhDoctah was one of the four regular hosts of the BBLiveShowalong with Brian, Justin and this one comic book writer/iOS app developer/vagabond/former Disney employee.

Friendly Recommendation


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Tom's Got A Book

So Tom hosts a sci-fi/fantasy book club podcast called Sword and Laser and they just published their first book called "The Life Engineered" by JF Dubeau.

Cock Trampstamps

Friend of the show, Krunchy, is here and a few weeks ago she wrote in to Pr0blem Solverz asking about whether or not she should get a cock tattooed on her lower back. In the episode, Sarah Lane suggested making it multi-colored like a popsicle. Well, four days before this episode Krunchy went through with it and got a blacklight tattoo of a dick shooting jizz and showed it off live on the show.

NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! (Daily and About Tech)

So Tom hosts the Daily Tech News Show, but he's a total liar. It's not daily. He only does the show five days a week. There's currently a Patreon goal for a 6th show on Saturdays hosted by Peter Wells, but that's still not "daily", bro! Well Tom announced live during this episode that once the 6th day milestone is reached, there will be a new goal for a 7th episode on Sundays which would be a roundtable show featuring some/all of the DTNS contributors.


The Patreon is at $1578. If you want to become a patron, head on over to

30 Seconds or DIAF

This is the game that the Chatrealm helped come up with during the previous weeks' shows. The contestants are given one challenge that they must complete in 30 seconds or "Die In A Fire" which is a random punishment they must endure for 30 seconds if they fail.

  • OhDoctah
    • Crumple a newspaper with one hand or wear a shock collar and bark
    • Success!
  • Tom Merritt
    • Pitch the Night Attack podcast or do a tequila and mouthwash rinse
    • DIAF!
  • Justin
    • Let another person search through your text message history or have another person pluck 10 hairs from anywhere on his body
    • DIAF!
  • Bonnie
    • Dance blindfolded or drink two shots of soy sauce
    • Success!
  • Brian
    • Style your hair with an entire tube of gel Have another person dust any three of your Hearthstone cards or get a sriracha "facial" for 30 seconds
    • DIAF!

Diamond Time

Not this week, dog.

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

More Possum Posse

Jomo and The Possum Posse closed out the show with a live performance of Guy On A Buffalo Episode 1. After the show ended, they played their cover of Kanye West's "Gold Digger"


Since it didn't happen at the end of the show, they played the ending lullaby and everybody sang along.

Belt Winner

  • Brian

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • Chatrealmer SnowSchu created ANAL 2016 pins and posters that you can buy. BUY THEM!
  • The show was livestreamed by Chatrealmers including JuryFacts, Travis and ethancaine. The streams were managed and rebroadcasted by SgtMuffin
    • As with most live shows, the streamed quality was balls, but the official podcast version was recorded locally in MUCH better quality