Episode 110: Seth Rogen or Kill Yogurt

We're finally back in Austin and Oakland for a classic Night Attack to recap the events of SXSW, check out some weird products on AliExpress and plan for future live events in Orlando (definitely) and Las Vegas (maybe).

Released on March 30, 2016, 4:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

The Captain is just here to party

Finally A Normal Show

Last week was the Movie Draft and the week before that was Austin Night Attack Live 2016, so the guys finally took some time to debrief on the big live show at ANAL 2016.

They played a clip of Brian getting a sriracha facial and went into some of the things that went on behind the scenes. A while after the show had ended, Brian was pretty drunk and wasn't feeling so great and excused himself to go to the bathroom. He figured that getting a face full of sriracha wasn't great for you (obv) and he ended up puking.

Then after the show, they brought a whole crew of friends and fans to another bar and Brian, riding high from the event, totally gets into the music and starts freestyling. After a few minutes, he realizes that there some rando black dude looking on with a grin and said to Brian "Heh. Freestylin', huh?" and Brian totally crumbled.

The next morning, he woke up and threw up again. I think they talked on a previous episode about how Brian turns into a total piece of shit when he gets sick, and that is totally still the case. Additionally, Brian's mom still likes to baby him when he gets sick. However this time, when his mom shook his foot to wake him up, it was as if it was the first time she saw Brian as a full-grown forty-year-old man and though "ya know, he can get over this on his own."

With Brian being sick, Bonnie sure as hell wants to keep him in quarantine to protect not only her children, but also herself. And when Bonnie is frightened, she gets mean as hell. As Brian put it, she doesn't have a "fight or flight" response, she only has "fight".


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Find the Weirdest Thing on AliExpress

So AliExpress is like Amazon, but they don't give a shit what kind of products seem weird to sell to various cultures around the world. Before the show, the Chatrealm looked for some strange products to show off on the show.


You can check out the rest of the weird shit Chatrealm found in the doc here.

Friendly Recommendation

Hey, do you live in or around Orlando and want to see a live Night Attack show on July 30th? If so that's an insane coincidence, because Brian and Justin are going to be doing a live Night Attack show at CreateCon in Orlando on Saturday July 30th. It's being put on by friend of the show and host of The Angry Chicken podcast, Garrett Weinzierl. There's gonna be live episodes of The Angry Chicken, Into the Nexus, The Gamers' Inn, HearthCast and Night Attack. Justin and Brian really want to also schedule a "World Tour" around Epcot with other podcasters and any fans that also want to go (but there's no schedule for that set in stone right now).

You can find out more at amove.tv/createcon and you can buy tickets at bit.ly/createcon.

Get ready for Orlando Attack Live (OrAL)!

Movie Draft Chat


  • Movie Draft Mike projects team Night Attack as the winners

That Was the Music From Paperboy

The music from the Movie Draft Minute is from Paperboy. I knew it sounded familiar.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Podcast Awards

Night Attack can't win. A while back, we talked about how the Podcast Awards are reworking their rules, well now the new rules have been announced. The most important one to us this year is that any shows that won last year, can't win this year. So Night Attack can't be nominated. But that don't mean we still can't stuff the ballot boxes and choose the winners of every category. Basically, we should set up a Super PAC and allow podcasts to buy ad space on Night Attack. Also we should teach the debate about creationism and evolution.

Another weird thing, shows that win 5 podcast awards are permanently ineligible for nomination and are honored as "Legacy Podcasts". Additionally, they announced a list of dozen or so podcasts that are Legacy Podcasts and are part of the "steering committee". Included on that list are The Morning Stream and Coverville.

t2t2 and friends have already set up this Google Doc listing various friendly podcasts along with their eligibility for the podcast awards.

Also since the New Media Expo isn't a thing anymore, Justin and Brian Ibbott have thrown around the idea of going to Las Vegas, renting a ballroom and putting on their own show from which they would accept their awards over Skype.

Get ready for Vegas All Globe International Night Attack Live (VAGINAL)!

Belt Winner

  • Brian (AGH! It was almost Bonnie!)
    • Brian had to buy some stuff on AliExpress (not really a punishment)

Great Quotes

  • "Check out all my poop!" - Justin and Brian showing off junk in their studio while imitating James Franco in Spring Breakers" and not swearing
  • "I believe it either says 'Seth Rogen' or 'Kill Yogurt'." - Brian trying to read the tattoo on the "beard oil for women" lady

Fun Facts

  • This was the first Diamond Time to feature a yolo420.com url. Thanks Grebog!
    • You can make your own yolo420 short links at yolo420.com


  • Captain Morgan in the cold open
  • John Stossel in the Podcast Awards segment

Preshow Doc


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