Episode 111: Diplomagic Immunity

Brian and Bonnie steal art, Garrett Weinzierl from The Angry Chicken panders to us, we bawnder back and exclusive coverage on the latest podcast listener movement. #BAWK

Released on April 6, 2016, 2:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

Behold the realm of Chatrealm.

Oh, So We're Starting Out with Prolapsed Buttholes? Ok

During the post-intro ramble, Justin said that a guy on the street told him that his butthole was hanging out. Then Brian's genie showed up and asked Justin if he would want a prolapsed butthole for one week. Upsides: You can swing it around, you can poo standing up, you can get it SUPER clean, and really it'd just be a great experience! If you would like this experience, remember to use promo code: SCAMSCHOOL to get a one week free trial and to show your support.

Attention: Brian just came back from GenieCon and got a bunch of sponsorship deals. THIS IS AN AD.

The Brushwoods Are Certified Cat Burglars

Earlier in the day, Brian and Bonnie went to experience the Austin Panic Room. It's a real life puzzle thing where you and a group of people are locked into a room and must work together to solve the puzzles in order to escape in under an hour. The scenario that the Brushwoods were in was the "Museum Heist" where they had to figure out how to steal some crazy-valuable mystery item. For this particular scenario, the success rate was 36% and their group managed to complete it. They were all thinking they were hot shit, but then they started talking to the proctor, fishing for compliments, and she told them that this was probably the easiest room to solve.

So Brian had a bit of a moment during the game. The conceit of the room is that this dude came to try and steal some extremely valuable art, but was interrupted. The group has to come in and 1) Find out what he was trying to steal 2) steal it and 3) escape before the time runs out. In the process of solving the puzzles, they had gotten a hold of the last art piece and saw that it was worth $8 billion. Everyone was like "Alright, that's the one, let's get out of here.", but Brian wasn't convinced, "Hey guys, we still have to figure out which piece of art he was trying to steal." After a long pause, someone in the group suggested, "Maybe it's the one that's worth EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS?"

Oh… yeah. That's probably the one.

Brian had a great time, but Bonnie was a little bummed that she wasn't the smartest person in the room. Her biggest contribution was brute-forcing one element and getting a clue out of order.

Chatrealm Panic Room

What would a Chatrealm-themed panic room look like? Noting the social anxieties that permeate much of the audience, Justin suggested that it would involve talking to a stranger that you've only met online. Or maybe you'd walk into a room with a Night Attack preshow playing on a screen and you have to come up with a plan to call in and either derail the show or play Don't Get Brody'd. We assume that Brian and Justin would be on-call 24/7 to do all the call-ins live during the game.

Gen Con 2016

Hey, you going to Gen Con in Indianapolis this year? It's a big gaming convention and Justin will be there with The Contender at The Escape Room (just like the one Brian was talking about). It's August 4-7. Come on out, it'll be a fun time. Play some games, escape some rooms. It'll be rad.

I Be Sleepin'!

Man, Justin is sleepin like EIGHT, NINE hours a night!

All the parents in the audience (and the studio) weren't quite as enthusiastic as Justin.


The Patreon is at $1521. If you want to become a patron, head on over to Patreon.com/NightAttack.

The guys told the tragic story of Edgar Patreon

Sup Daniel McLellan!

Sup Daniel McLellan! We're thinking of you. And you're probably freaking out right now.

Garrett Weinzierl

Hey! Remember that guy that won Don't Get Brody'd at Nerdtacular 2015? Well that's Garrett Weinzierl and he's the dude behind Amove.tv which is responsible for podcasts like The Angry Chicken, The Gamer's Inn and Into the Nexus. He's also the dude that's putting on Create Con (featuring a live Night Attack episode) in Orlando on July 30th. It'll be a really cool event and you should totally go. It's gonna be a real intimate thing since he's only selling 150 tickets.

Get more info and buy tickets here.

Hatting the System

So as we talked about last week, The Podcast Awards changed their rules. Tl;dr, shows that won last year can't win this year. So the Chatrealm has compiled a list of friendly podcasts that we would like to see win. The idea is that we will nominate our friends' shows and stuff the ballot box to essentially have a repeat of last year's clean sweep. The 100% Chatrealm-run campaign has been named Hatting the System in reference to Brian Ibbott's goofy hat at last years award ceremony.

This week, it's time to vote for our top dogs for each of the categories. If you're reading this before April 10, 2016 you can head over to Yolo420.com/hatvoting to vote for your favorite podcasts. NOTE: This is NOT the official Podcast Awards voting. The winners of this round of voting will be the shows that Chatrealm will push to nominate and vote for in the official Podcast Awards

Even though it's probably totally fine, Brian and Justin made a bit out of making it TOTALLY clear that they are not in anyway affiliated with the Hatting the System movement despite regularly plugging it on their show.

A Completely Separate Segment

Shifting gears from the Podcast Awards, the guys decided to just get a few things off their chest. They each took turns speaking directly to the audience about podcasts in a way that was reminiscent of political ads.

Captain Morgan Weighs in On the Podcast Awards

Captain Morgan skype'd in to give his picks for the Podcast awards. He seems to be more of a third-party voter since almost none of his picks were on the Hatting the System ballot.

Captain's Picks

  1. Giz Wiz
  2. No Agenda
  3. MacBreak Weekly
  4. InfoWars.com

Then he told us about how he used to work with Donald Trump. Did you know he's an immortal? Anyway, you can head on over to Captain Morgan's website at CaptainMorgan.info/pussypics

Let's Get The Angry Chicken A Card Reveal

Listen man, Hearthstone's a big game and Blizzard is givin' out card reveals to any ol' mom and pop Hearthstone outlets… EXCEPT The Angry Chicken. Let's blow up Blizzard's spot and have them give The Angry Chicken a card reveal. The best way to do this is to simply tweet "#BAWK" to @PlayHearthstone with no context. I'm sure they'll know what we're getting at.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Movie Draft Chat

  • BvS is hilariously underperforming, but it's still an AMAZING buy - Justin
  • Deadpool has a chance to outperform BvS - Justin
  • It's likely that The Boss will unseat BvS this week - Brian


There was 20 minutes or so of normal aftershow hanging, followed by an hour of Hearthstone

Belt Winner

Great Quotes

  • "BAAAWK!" - Bonnie


  • Captain Morgan


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