Episode 113: Mike McCluskey

We officially announce the details about the next live Night Attack show in San Francisco, Brian becomes a Twitter detective and Mikey Neumann joins us to find the worst neighborhood in the country.

Released on April 20, 2016, 4:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia

Cold Open

Brian and Justin sing "Doctor Strange" to the tune of "Chocolate Rain".


At the start of the show, Brian and Justin talked about this photoshop by Biocow of the two of them as Snorks.

SF Night Attack Live

On Saturday May 7, 2016 at 4:30 pm Brian and Justin will be doing a live Night Attack podcast from the PianoFight theater/bar. This will be their first live show that is not connected to any event/con (like DragonCon, SXSW and Nerdtacular). Now, I see you sitting there in the Bay Area, maybe down in Sunnyvale bein' all "Ehh, I don't know if I wanna drive all that way up there… I mean, should I take 280 or 101? What's traffic gonna be like? Maybe I just take Caltrain. Oh but that goes to AT&T park, I'd have to transfer to BART at some point. I think they meet in Millbrae. That's kind of a hassle. It's not like they'll have any cool guests or anything right? Plus I just did my taxes and I had to owe like… SO MUCH. Oh also I'm only 17." Well, I'll sweeten the pot for you. Tom Merritt's gonna be there! Ali Spagnola is gonna perform! It's free! It's ALL-AGES! Can't really help you on the transportation situation though.

If this goes well (and why wouldn't it?) they would like to start doing more live shows all across the entirety of the 48 contiguous United States. If you're a cool person and you're planning on being there, RSVP on the official podcast Eventbrite thing.

Brian Got His Goat Got

So Brian follows like a million people on Twitter (not an exaggeration) so he runs into a lot of people being big ol' meanies to him on Twitter. There's one person in particular that likes to needle Brian with some nit pick bullshit and then deletes his tweets. The only tweets they leave up are drawings of Cartoon Network characters. Well earlier in the day this guys was calling Brian out for apparently saying that he didn't know what a "Like" button is. Brian was understandably confused so, taking the high road, he asked the person for clarification. The person replied to Brian with a link to a tweet of Brian's from 4 months ago where he sarcastically said he didn't know what a "Like" button was. Brian didn't remember the context, so he looked for the tweet he had replied to… BUT IT WAS DELETED. How would this random tweeter know the context of that tweet if it was deleted?! THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON!

Justin compared Brian's "detective work" to the Pepe Silvia scene from Always Sunny.

To combat these trolls, Justin suggested Brian publically tweet "I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU. THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO HURT ME." Brian figured that might be just asking for people to attack him so he tweeted an altered version.

Then the person tweeted to Brian right at that exact moment! Are they in the chatroom?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!


The Patreon is at $1520. If you want to become a patron, head on over to Patreon.com/NightAttack.

Oh, SF Night Attack Live Featuring Allie Goertz?

So ChatrealmerMitzula, was tweeting out his excitement about the upcoming live Night Attack in San Francisco, but he accidentally tagged @AllieGoertz instead of @AliSpagnola. Then Tom was all "I get to meet Allie Goertz! Yay!" And Allie Goertz was like "When is it? I'm in!" And Brian and Justin were like "UHHHHHHHHH, let's figure all this out when we're not trying to do a comedy show."

Mikey Neumann is Back!

Man, remember when Mikey was on for the Movie Draft and he was really cool and he hung out for the aftershow and it was a ton of fun? Well he's back for a for reals guest appearance!

To start out, they talked to him a bit about his YouTube show Movies with Mikey. It's a really good show, check it out.

The Best Worst Neighborhood

So there's this bulletin board app for neighborhoods call Nextdoor. It's a social network that's only for people that live in and around your neighborhood. You can post about your lost dog or the free couch you're giving away or just be a total douchebag.

Earlier in the day, Justin asked people to go on Nextdoor and find the dumbest or shittiest posts from their neighbors and submit them to be judged on the show. The submissions were read and ranked in order to find the worst neighbors in the country.

  • "I have an STD for neighbors" (they meant Save The Date)
    • New Champion Woo! (by default)
  • Zombie Christmas tree - This person was SUPER pissed at someone who left their christmas tree out on the street
    • New Champion Woo!
  • Horse poop. Some old, some new. - Jen is literally trying to give horse poop away
    • Same Champion Boo!
  • Newspapers - They're looking for any newspapers that people have.
    • Same Champion Boo!
  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON - There was a dude walking through their backyard. He explained that he was just cutting through since there were no fences. The poster spent a paragraph describing the guy and his clothes, also the guy said his name was "Mike McCluskey".
    • New Champion Woo!
  • Police Action on _______ Ave - Some meth heads broke into an old lady's home. They stole some Pam and a ham bone. Apparently there were rumors of the burglars threatening to eat babies. They had asked to enter the lady's home and she let them in. They asked her about demons and shit, and one of the burglars said they had a demon in them. Things happened and they walked outside. The old lady closed her door and locked it. Blah blah blah "They must have been high on something".
    • Same Champion Boo!
  • Michael's Big Idea: Area Wide Database of Suspicious People - He wants to set up a database of pictures and info on suspicious folks seen around the neighborhood
    • Same Champion Boo!
  • To Those of You Who Know Who I Am, Goodbye. I'm Dropping Out - This guy is super bummed out that none of these prowlers and package stealers are being brought to justice. He's done. This is the same guy from the previous post that wanted to create the database.
    • New Champion Woo! #RememberMikeMcCluskey


Bonus Bonnie found a post on Nextdoor complaining about the Brushwood's tattered flag in their front yard

Movie Draft Chat

  • We got some strong hitters in the back half - Mikey
  • BvS had a strong opening, but is now underperforming - Mikey
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass will do good overseas… but that doesn't count - Mikey
  • Ninja Turtles will do good - Mikey
  • Central Intelligence has Kevin Hart and that's $20 million - Mikey
  • Civil War could outgross every other team - Mikey
  • Ghostbusters in $100-200 million maybe - Mikey
  • Ghostbusters could do $150 million - Brian
  • Civil War has the capacity to do $700 million - Justin
  • The reviews are insane for Civil War - Brian
  • Batman v Superman for $26 was a steal - Everyone, every episode, every time

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Y'All Ever Hear About ContentID?

So Mikey does a movie show on YouTube and YouTube has the ContentID system that allows the owners of copyrighted material to block or put ads on videos that have their content in them. These two endeavors clash at pretty much every junction. As a movie review show, Mikey is legally permitted to use clips from movies in his videos through fair use since he is offering commentary. Recently, Mikey finished a months long battle involving his Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves episode. The video was blocked by Warner Brothers, he appealed, Warner Brothers rejected it and kept it blocked, he appealed again and had to explain why the video is legal, and now it's finally back up. If the appealed had been declined, the video would have been deleted and Mikey would have had a copyright strike on his account. If he gets three strikes, the account is deleted completely.

Tootz the Unicorn

So Jaime "Tensorguy" Ruiz created an Internet of Things Unicorn that farts rainbows called "Tootz". You can connect it to your social media accounts and have it fart a rainbow when you get a Twitter mention or Twitch follower or whatever the fuck else you want. It's totally wireless, with the bluetooth and the wi-fi and the webwaves.

There's currently an IndieGogo campaign where you can get your own Tootz the Unicorn.


In the aftershow, Brian mentioned how when he was on America's Got Talent and his act went sideways and he made a point to be super boring to make sure it didn't make it to TV. It worked! He just showed up in start-of-show sizzle reel of "Acts that didn't quite make it".

Quizmaster Mikey

Mikey used to do a show with Kris Straub called the Chainsawsuit Podcast. On that show, they did quizzes that one of them would give to the other. It was a fun time. Some of the quizzes Mikey came up with were Can You Tell If These Nancy Grace Tweets Are Real? and Is This An Actual Reality Show?. Since neither Brian nor Justin listened to that show, Mikey gave them the quizzes. Brian wasn't great, but Justin did phenomenally.

Man that was really fun (both on Chainsawsuit and in the Aftershow). The guys had such a good time that they invited Mikey to come back on a regular basis with new quizzes. Kinda like a Sarah Lane/Pr0blem Solverz situation. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty great to me.

Belt Winner

  • Mikey won the belt like 4 times, but none of the hosts noticed

Great Quotes

  • "This is the cleverest way to poison someone ever." - Mikey Neumann on Tootz the Unicorn
  • "Yesterday, all you cunts seemed so far away." - Justin singing The Beatles with swearing so his quote could never be played on tv

Fun Facts

  • The idea for Tootz the Unicorn came from Brian's daughters
  • Most of those Nextdoor posts were from Biocow


  • None

Preshow Doc


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