Episode 116: San Francisco Night Attack Live 2016

The show is live from the PianoFight bar in San Francisco with Ali Spagnola and Tom Merritt as we learn how to best introduce old people to podcasts, continue the Startup Spelling Bee, and expose personal information on the internet!

Released on May 8, 2016, 7:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia

Cold Open

Ali Spagnola performs (for the first and last time ever?) a song about dealing with internet trolls.

How Brian and Justin Prepared for the Show

So performing comedy in front of a live crowd is nerve racking, I'm told, and Brian and Justin were a bit in their own heads before the show. They talked about how they were in an Uber to get to the BART station and super annoyed the driver with their grindhouse movie trailer voices. Then they talked about some acrobatic performers on BART on their trip from Oakland to San Francisco.

They then thought about what type of performance they should do on BART when they headed back to Oakland after the show. It involved the grindhouse movie trailer voice.

Brian and Tom Merritt on Local LA News

So Brian went to Los Angeles before flying up to SF for the show. Since he was in LA, he went to Tom Merritt's house for an episode of DTNS. Cool, they're just gonna talk about the same kind of stuff they talk about on Cordkillers. Oh, also the local news from KTLA is gonna drop by during DTNS to do a story.

So they do DTNS and it goes fine, but then afterward the KTLA guys start interviewing Tom and Brian about podcasting. So people who watch the news aren't really very knowledgeable about technology let alone podcasts. The guy from KTLA asks Tom "So, what IS podcasting?" and Tom's like "Well it's all about RSS, or Really Simple Syndication…" and all sorts of smart stuff. They ask Brian the same question and he's like, "RADIO'S DUMB!". After that, they need to get some B-roll for the segment and they're getting shots of Tom pretending to do DTNS, they're getting shots of the audio board with the levels going up and down… and they also wanted some shots of Brian using a podcast app on his phone. Since this is an easy opportunity for a shameless plug, Brian pulls up Night Attack on his phone to show off for the cameras. He scrolls through the app, selects Night Attack, plays the episode titled Crack Castle which starts with Justin and Brian singing about large pussies.


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Man, Christine Chester is great. Don't you think?

Startup Spelling Bee

So remember way back in the beginning of Night Attack when they did the Startup Spelling Bee? Yeah, they started the "tournament" but never got around to finishing it. Well get this, they're gonna crown the Startup Spelling Bee champion and the contestants will be… BRIAN AND JUSTIN! Two people who have never competed in the tournament! LOL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But this round of the Startup Spelling Bee is a bit different. Every time Brian or Justin fail to correctly spell the Startup, they have to face a punishment from the 30 Seconds or DIAF bit from this year's SXSW show.

  • Relevvant
    • Brian's guess: Revelant (he thought that was the normal spelling) Incorrect!
    • Punishment: Take a shot of hot sauce"
  • Twenty20
    • Justin's guess: 20Twenty Incorrect!
    • Punishment: "Tweet out your actual phone number" (he did it)
  • Vungle
    • Brian's guess: Vungle CORRECT!
  • Abacus
    • Justin's guess: Ab1cuzzzzzz Incorrect!
    • Punishment: Light your hand on fire for 30 seconds Write a haiku about the other person in 30 seconds and then recite it
  • Boom
    • Justin's guess: Boom CORRECT!
  • Wunder
    • Brian's guess: Wonder Incorrect!
    • Punishment: Shave your arm hair
  • Firestartr
    • Justin's guess: Firestar...t...er Incorrect!
    • Punishment: Take 10 shots of beer in 30 seconds
  • Forrst
    • Brian's guess: Fourist Incorrect!
    • Punishment: Snort a line of Sriracha powder


Lightning Reaction

So a couple weeks ago in an aftershow, Justin bought this Lightning Reaction game from Amazon. It's a game where four people hold a handle that is connected to a central base. On the base is a button that, when pressed will flash red. After a random amount of time, the button will turn green at which point everyone has to press the button on their handle. The last person to press the button gets shocked. Also if you press the button on your handle while the base is still flashing red, you get shocked and everyone else is fine. Tom, Brian and Justin played it and roped Ali into it since she was up on stage at the time.

The first time they played, Brian psyched out Ali and she got shocked. The second time, everyone got shocked for some reason.

Diamond Time

Hey, it's a live show, no Diamond Time this week.

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Belt Winner

  • Justin
    • Punishment: Nuthin… well, he tweeted out his phone number, that's probably punishment enough

Great Quotes

  • "...the A-Bomb!" - Justin responding to the crowd's adverse reaction to him explaining that he misheard "aging" as "asian", but not realizing that he was making a reference to atomic bombs being dropped on Japan
  • "It'd only be screwed up if I dropped it twice." - Justin doubling down on the A-bomb reference
  • "Shot's fired." - Tom after Bryce knocked over a bunch of plastic shot glasses during the Startup Spelling Bee

Fun Facts

I guess there wasn't a preshow doc this week? I feel like there's usually one for the live shows, even though they don't actually get used for the preshow. I dunno!


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