Episode 127: Career-Ending Racism

Justin is still hard at work reporting on politics and interacting with famous dog puppets in an unexpected manner, Bonnie tries to learn the meaning of yet another vulgar slang term, and did that lady REALLY do a Nazi salute on national television?

Released on July 27, 2016, 5:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open


Justin Is A Professional Political Pundit: Week 2

Remember last week when Justin was broadcasting live from the BitTorrent News set at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland? Well, this week, Justin is broadcasting live from the BitTorrent News set at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Bonnie Just HAS to do Bits

Because of Justin covering the DNC, the show was delayed two hours - past Bonnie's bedtime. While waiting for BitTorrent's coverage to wrap up, Brian and Bonnie watched a bit of Bill Clinton's speech before Bonnie had to go to bed. Fifteen minutes later, Bonnie calls Brian up on the phone to do some political bits that she would have done if the show was on at the normal time.

Anyone else think Night Attack totally sucks when Bonnie isn't on? Ugh… this is just THE WORST without her. You should hit up @invisiblewife on Twitter to let her know.

After a bunch of people said nice things to her on Twitter, she got out of bed and came to the studio to hang out for most of the show. YAY!


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Cecil Kradek (I DEFINITELY spelled that wrong)

Night Attack 4

Apparently, some fans are reviewing tracks for the next Night Attack album. So maybe there'll be a new album sometime?

Bonnie Doesn't Know What "Balls Deep" Means

Bonnie tried to explain her idea of what "Balls Deep" meant. Basically she thought it was the same as "waist deep". One example she used was walking into her messy daughter's room and she exclaimed "I'm balls deep in teddy bears!".

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Justin was just chillin' in the media tent when he spotted Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on the BitTorrent News set. Triumph was on some random person's hand, but the voice of Triumph, Robert Smigel was just a few feet away. Justin isn't crazy about getting autographs or taking pictures with celebrities, but he is in love with Robert Smigel, the voice of Triumph, and decided that he HAD TO have some sort of interaction with him. He decided to just go for a professional handshake and a "Hey man, big fan." Justin stepped in for the shake, but somehow Triumph ended up on Robert Smigel's hand and Justin was now shaking his hand THROUGH Triumph the insult comic dog. Thrown off by this bizarre turn of events, Justin verbally stumbles and ends up awkwardly extending the interaction with, "Hey man… big fan… I watch all your stuff… you're a legend".

Here's Justin hanging his head in shame immediately after the interaction.

By the way, when Justin was retelling this story on the show, the Funny Or Die set was just across the tent from him and it'd be extra weird if had Robert Smigel walked by.

Bernie Truthers

Justin was heard from a TON of "Bernie Truthers", as he calls them, who believed that Bernie Sanders was orchestrating some Game-of-Thrones level scheming where he would end up stealing the nomination away from Hillary Clinton at the DNC.

Did Laura Ingraham Really Give A Nazi Salute

Let's go back to last week when Justin was sitting on the tarmac on his way out of Cleveland for the RNC. He's been on camera all day and his flight has been delayed a few hours. Knowing Justin probably isn't in the best mood, Brian calls him up and gives him some cursory compliments about his performance on BTN, Night Attack, yeah yeah, whatever… "But did Laura Ingraham really do a Nazi Salute?!"

Seriously, look at that!

Ya know sometimes when you're talking, your brain can't decide between two words and you end up saying a nonsense combination of the two? The guys hypothesized that maybe her brain couldn't decide between pointing and waving and she ended up doing the worst thing you could do.

Now, Justin and Brian have had a saying that they come back to whenever racial humor goes a little too far: "At the end of the day, you're still the one who said ching chong bling blong ding dong". In other words, whatever the context, you did some dumb shit and you're gonna face the consequences. I believe the phrase originally referenced Rosie O'Donnell speaking some fake Chinese on The View back in 2006.

Here's what the Chatrealm thinks

Diamond Time

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Movie Draft Chat

  • Star Trek only opened with $65 million, do we still have a chance? - Brian
  • Suicide Squad has to make $250 million in 4 weeks - Brian
  • If Suicide Squad reviews say it's Guardians of the Galaxy level good, we're in trouble - Justin
  • I think Star Trek is gonna end up $130-$140 million - Brian
  • You think Secret Life of Pets can make it up to $300 million? - Justin
  • Yes - Brian
  • I think with Secret Life of Pets and Ghostbusters, we got another $40 million coming - Brian

Melodica Cameo

Right at the end of the show, Brian whipped out the melodica and played a few notes of the Jurassic Park theme.

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The abbreviated aftershow began with Brian and Justin doing a rap about racism and ended with Brian playing the melodica.

Belt Winner

  • Brian

Great Quotes

  • "Oh, somebody's on the case, tip tap, tippity tap." - Bonnie describing Neshcom googling things
  • "Black balls deep." - Bonnie
  • "Can someone TL;DR the CRUMDUM?" - Brian
  • "We're talking about the BAD kind of career-ending racism." - Brian in the aftershow

Fun Facts

  • Bonnie laid down on the floor for the second half of the show


  • None

Preshow Doc


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