Episode 128: Live From CreateCon 2016

We're live in Orlando for the first ever CreateCon! Tom Merritt and Jocelyn Moffett join us to talk about racist songs and then we play a round of Don't Get Brody'd with Garrett Weinzierl.

Released on July 31, 2016, 12:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

Brian and Justin are racist.


Woah! The guys are live on a Saturday from CreateCon at The Exchange in Orlando, Florida. Justin as a child regularly visited this building when it used to be a mall. How neat is that?

Brian and Jill Stein are Besties

The day before the podcast, Brian tweeted about how this could be a big year for a 3rd party presidential candidate since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have such high disapproval numbers. The Green Party candidate Jill Stein (or more likely, her staff) found his tweet and retweeted it.

Justin Has Been Balls Deep in Politics

Justin spent the last two weeks covering the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and actually flew to CreateCon directly from Philadelphia. He talked about his experience being a legitimate broadcast professional for BitTorrent news.

Things that happened

  • Justin interviewed Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld
  • Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson also stopped by BitTorrent News
  • Brian turned into a 14 year old girl when Justin told him about the Gary Johnson and Bill Weld
  • Former mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, is too handsome to get Justin's vote


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I love Byron Thompson.

Jocelyn Moffett is Here!

Co-host of The Angry Chicken and The Gamers Inn

An Awkward White Girl Sings a Racist Song

A few weeks ago, this video showed up on the internet and got taken down almost immediately. It's of a lady singing a song called "I Want To Be Neenja" in an asian accent. Apparently she was a contestant on The Apprentice and the song and video is a promotion for a legitimate business. She also wrote an open letter after the song blew up and apologized for it. The guys played the video and commented on it during the show.

Don't Get Brody'd

It's the game where members of the audience tell us a story and the hosts judge them. The object of the game is to stay interesting for as long as possible, because when the hosts get bored of the story, they give a thumbs down, we play Brodyquest and the storyteller is sent back to their seat. The winner of Don't Get Brody'd at last years Nerdtacular show and CreateCon organizer, Garrett Weinzierl joined the panel of Don't Get Brody'd judges.

  • He works at a shipyard where they launch really big ships. There was a bunch of women and children watching a boat launch and the wave created by the boat got them all wet. (10 seconds-ish)
  • CJ (4-time Brodyquest contestant, 0-time winner) - He was dating a Catholic School girl and he went to a performance of hers at the school, but he couldn't find her. He starts walking around the school and hears some moaning. Following the sound, he found his girlfriend getting fucked in the ass by her science teacher.
  • Ed - He was in the Navy, stationed in Chicago and got in trouble, so he couldn't leave base. He snuck out anyway and went clubbing in Detroit. Brody'd (34 seconds)
  • Mitzula - In college he booked a lot of musicians, and performers for the school. At a conference, he met Mr. Belding at a bar and did shots with him till 2am. Then they moved to a pool hall till 4am. Mr. Belding wanted to keep going, but Mitzula had to go to bed since he had a big day planned. Mr. Belding called him a pussy a left him. He saw Mr. Belding 4 hours later at the conference and he was in pretty bad shape and called him a pussy again. (1 minute 19 seconds)
  • He was 12 and stole a lava rock from Hawaii. Later that summer, three hurricanes hit his home in Florida. (20 seconds)
  • John - He was in the military and his buddy went to take a shit in a porta potty. He dropped his pants, saw three black widows and freaked out. He ran out of the porta potty with his pants down covered in shit and piss. He had to pull his pants up and get back in formation. Later he got written up for sexual harrassment. (50 seconds)
  • Scotty - He and his friends are hanging out, they decide to leave, but two of his friends started having sex. Another friend tried to coax them to leave by walking in with a giant broadsword. (1 minute 1 second)
  • Jim - He was at a friend's birthday party and his stomach wasn't happy with him. He's really gotta take a shit but the bathroom is occupied. So he goes to the balcony and tries to shit over the edge, his pants are down and somebody comes up to stop him. Unfortunately the process had already started and he shit himself. An australian guy saw it and called him the least classy man in America. Years later he was in Australia and randomly ran into that same Aussie man. (1 minute 46 seconds) WINNER!

Diamond Time

  • Hey Amanda! You're cool!

Movie Draft Chat

  • It's gonna come down to the 4th week of Suicide Squad - Tom
  • I think it's gonna kick your ass - Tom

Belt Winner

  • Nobody!

Great Quotes

  • "Watch me whip, watch me goatse." - Justin

Fun Facts

  • The show was three days early so there was only one Diamond Time post and no Movie Draft Minute


  • Ric Flair (some dude in the crowd)

There was no preshow doc this week.


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