Episode 131: 4 Harambe

Brian becomes a locally acknowledged D-List celebrity, Presidential etiquette while high, and Blitz Quiz returns...mostly.

Released on August 24, 2016, 2:15 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

Are you ready for this?

Real Talk with BriBri and the Jerbs

Brian's still trying to convince his parents to not vote for Trump. Yeah no, but Trump's a pussy and Gary Johnson is high.

Pie High Presidents

It's 2016, is it time to choose a weed loving president? Should decisions be made while high? Which of the presidental candidates got the best stuff anyway? Experts at Night Attack weigh in.

Austin's D-List Celebrities

/r/Austin was looking for were famous and D-List Celebrities. Apparently this show has at least one of those.

9/11 Was An Inside Job, Dicks Out For Harambe

Turns out Night Attack at DC is too popular so they decided to hinder us to by sending to a 1k capacity room and on a Saturday. **EMERGENCY MEETING NOW.**​

Bonnie Read the News

MC Allergys drops a quick visit to the show.


Welcome to the world's only call-out quiz show! 

  • Brian - M. from the United States - Will get it right 
    • ...
    • Gets it right, but disputed
  • Justin - Peters - Won't get it right
    • ...
    • Gets it wrong!
  • Brian - Aaron - Will get it right
    • ...
    • Gets it right!
  • Justin - Someone - Will get it right
    • ...
    • Gets it right!
  • Brian - #6 - Will get it wrong
    • ...
    • Gets it wrong!
  • Justin - #13 - Will get it right 
    • ...
    • Gets it wrong!
  • Brian - #17 - Will get it wrong
    • ...
    • Gets it right!
  • Justin - #19 - Will get it wrong
    • Call failed, which usually meant whammy but replaced with #22
    • ...
    • Gets it wrong!
  • Brian - #20 - Will get it right
    • ...
    • Gets it wrong!
  • +/- 7000 point question for Justin - #12 - Will get it right in a song
    • ...
    • Gets it right!
  • Extra question for Brian and Justin
    • How many dildos were brought out at the UT campus
      • A. 1000
      • B. 2500
      • C. 4000
      • D. for Dicks
    • Gets it wrong!

Summer Movie Draft

$22 million difference. Who will win?

Diamond Time

Crabs out for TSA

Brian tries to drag a truckload of items through TSA checkpoint​


Parenting talk about what's right for the children​

Belt Winner

  • Brian, not noticed?

Great Quotes

  • Brian: "For the record they should be able to walk around with giant dicks out" Bonnie: "Well you guys do"​

Preshow Doc


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