Episode 133: Live From Dragon Con 2016

We're back for our 7th year at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia! This time, we're joined by Scott Sigler and Turquoise Jeep to get drunk and play Don't Get Brody'd, PowerPoint Roulette, and DragonCon Cosplay Thunderdome!

Released on September 4, 2016, 4:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia

Guests on Guests on Guests

We got Scott Sigler! We got Flynt Flossy! We got Whatchyamacallit! And we got Turquoise Jeep's latest signee, Pierre Cashmere (I think that's what it is, I can't find him on the internet).

Rogue's Brew

Brian and company over at Scam Stuff are selling a homebrew beer kit, allowing everyone to brew their own beer. The recipe was put together buy TallBeerDude (he was on an episode or two of NSFW.) Anyway, Waffleophagus (how the fuck do you spell his name? Is that right?) brewed some and brought it for the panel to drink. It's a little heavy on the alcohol.

All Setups Magician

Remember last week during the aftershow when Brian and Justin talked about doing an All Setup Magician show where they set up a bunch of tricks but none of them pay off? Well they actually did it! You can check out the Periscope from JuryFacts here.

Don't Get Brody'd

  • Greg - He worked at the Disneyland monorail and a dude was super sick. He pulled over a trash can for him to let him puke. The dude ends up pulling down his pants and shits in the trash. (1:15)
  • His buddy with huge gauges in his ears passed out and someone put a padlock in his ear. They called a locksmith, but they refused to help him. I guess they found the culprit and the guy started beating the shit out of him and yells "JACKSON CITY BITCHES". They ended up on reddit (1:50)
  • Colin - His buddy had a pipe burst in his house. Brody'd
  • Stacy - This is mundane, I'm probably gonna get brody'd. Brody'd
  • Krunchy - Her and her friends go to the bar and she's yacking in the bushes at 2am. Now she's in no condition to drive… Brody'd
  • Marcus - There's a really friendly janitor at his school and they're talking about mario for a bit. After a while the janitor tells him to get out of here. Whatevs. A couple days later, he's watching the news and he sees a sketch of the janitor who got arrested for molestation. Brody'd
  • Thomas - His roommate and he dropped acid and took a road trip. They stop in Quincy, Florida. There's a ton of racist white dudes, and two of his friends are asian. Brody'd
  • CJ - He was making a music video for a school project. The director of the video took the name of the song "She's So High" a little too literally. Brody'd


PowerPoint Roulette

This is the game where the panelists give a presentation on a subject suggested by the audience with a PowerPoint slideshow full of random pictures. The slides were put together by long-time Chatrealmer Patrick Delahanty.


  • Justin - Loch Ness Monster
  • Scott Sigler - Cleopatra
  • Whatchyamacallit - Sexually suggestive children's cartoons
  • Brian - TSA

DragonCon Cosplay Thunderdome

This is the quintessential Diamond Club at Dragon Con game. The panelists each pick a cosplayer from the audience who will face off against one another in violent, metaphorical combat.


  • Brian - Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers
  • Justin - Captain Morgan
  • Scott Sigler - Afro Deadpool
  • Turquoise Jeep - Punished "Venom" Snake, woman from the Terran Empire in the mirror universe of Star Trek and "The lady that was next to Afro Deadpool"

Round 1

  • Snake, girl and "lady" vs. Captain Morgan
    • Winner - Captain Morgan
  • Louise Belcher vs. Afro Deadpool
    • Winner - Louise Belcher

Round 2

  • Captain Morgan vs. Louise Belcher
    • Winner - Captain Morgan

Flynt Flossy Teaches Scott Sigler to Dance

Flynt Flossy is featured in the official Twitter app when you want to send a gif of someone dancing. This gif. He walked Scott through the steps during the show.

Diamond Time

It's a live show, no Diamond Time this week.

Belt Winner

  • Nobody?

Great Quotes

  • "I love dragons" - Captain Morgan

Fun Facts

  • Brian gave his credit card info to Chatrealmer, Waffleophagus, to book his hotel room


  • Captain Morgan

No preshow doc this week


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