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Episode 134: The Man in the White Castle (w/ Adam Curry)

Hoo boy, Adam Curry is live in Austin for a real loose episode. We talk about harambe, weed legalization, pirate radio, vasectomies, and rich white people.

Released on September 14, 2016, 2:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open


Peak Harambe

Two weeks ago, Brian bet a steak that Harambe will be decrease in popularity. Well, according to Google Trends, he was right. Neat!

YOLO 420 Blaze It

Adam's smoking pot on the show. They talked about weed for a bit and when it'll be legal everywhere in the US.

No Agenda

If you've never listened to No Agenda before, Adam and John C Dvorak like to talk about world event… I think… I too, have never listened to No Agenda. Anyways, Adam dipped into a little No Agenda during the show.


  • When Trump went down to Mexico, he talked to the president to assure him that the stream of drugs into the US will not be stopped by his wall.
  • It's more dangerous to be gay in Amsterdam than the US
  • The French are really annoyed by the rapid influx of Muslim culture and they hate Burkinis

Adam Dubbed a Porn

Adam's first gig in show business was dubbing a porn video.

He Also Ran A Pirate Radio Station

When he was a kid back in Holland, he built a radio transmitter and his friends thought it was pretty cool. After a while he ended up transmitting porn over the TV transmitters after the stations when off the air for the night. Then he lied about being under 16 and got hired at local radio station where he adopted the name John Holden.

Vape Life

The guys talked about vaping for a little bit. Topics included: "There's no way it's just as bad as smoking" and "what's that chemical that makes you poop?". Adam was into it for a little bit; he even went to VapeCon in Dallas last year. He's over it now though and he thinks it'll die out pretty soon.

Dicks Out for Gene

Adam's friend Gene came along into the studio. He's a legitimate business man.


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Vasectomies Make You Look Like A Lesbian

Remember when John C Dvorak called Brian last year to talk him out of getting a vasectomy because it'll make him look like a lesbian? They brought that up again and apparently Dvorak didn't like that Brian told that story because he doesn't want people to think he cares about people.

No Agenda: Origins

Adam told us how No Agenda got started. Adam had originally seen Dvorak at CNet and was impressed with him. Then, years later they were on TWiT together or something and they got talking more. Eventually they would talk about news stories with each other and realized that they should start recording and releasing their conversations.

Adam also went into how much of an impact the community has on the show.

White People Rich

Adam mentioned that he sold an airplane at one point and everyone showered him with chants of White People Rich. Somehow they started talking about the time one of Adam's friends defrauded him and ran off to Columbia. Then he talked a bit about his history with learning to fly and then mentioned that he had to downsize from two pilots to just one pilot. JUST ONE PILOT! Can you believe that? Anyway, so Adam was at his castle in Belgium, when he found out his fraudulent friend had died. This is a loose episode, so the story ended with everyone literally crying with laughter.

White People Brave

Jesus, Adam got in a motocross accident, smoked weed (of course), couldn't shit right, did a radio morning show and then ended up flying a chinook helicopter in Iraq.

Adam Was A Champion Fencer

As a kid in The Netherlands, Adam was a national champion fencer. That's legit.

Diamond Time

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Ya know how during the show they basically just hung out and talked the whole time? They continued to do that into the aftershow. OhDoctah even showed up.


  • Race
  • Podcast Awards
  • Homeless people
  • Grapefruit
  • Our favorite YouTube videos

Belt Winner

Who cares?

Great Quotes

  • "... the gay Hillary channel." - Adam Curry

"MSNBC?" - Justin

  • "Brazilian child and the very very serious business lesbian." - Justin talking about the Patreon thumbnail
  • "... best player on the female rugby team." - Justin still talking about the Patreon thumbnail in the aftershow

Fun Facts

  • There was a ton of fresh blood in the chat during this episode thanks to Adam attracting No Agenda listeners to the show.


  • None

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