Episode 14: Brown Hate

Tom stops by to talk about being hired by Apple, Brian and Justin accidentally talk shit about a sponsor, and Justin debut's his new game Snap it Up!". Ohh, and a TON of "dicks".

Released on June 4, 2014, 3:51 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on DCTVpedia

Cold Open

Night Attack TV pitches involving actual murders

Diamond Club Reddit

If you're not monitoring the Diamond Club subreddit, you're an idiot. There's gold in them thar hills! An example of this gold isMy Dick's Double. A guy has made an album full of popular songs with key words replaced with "dick". You can follow them on twitter, @MyDickBand.


The Patreon is at $2,079. If you want to become a patron, head on over to Patreon.com/NightAttack.

The Elephant in the Room

The guys have been hired by Apple. Apple's reasoning for the hiring is because Brian, Justin and Tom are really good at reaching younger audiences, a market that Apple has always had trouble with. They discussed some of their fantastic ideas that got them hired. Unfortunately they were fired before the episode was over.



Ya know what really sucks?! Roundspace.co.uk! Fuck those motherfuckers! That site looks like dogshit! Ya know what site is great?! Roundspace.co.uk! They're hosted on Squarespace!

Head over to SquareSpace.com/nightattack and try out a 14-day free trial. Then use the offer code "NAP" at check out to save 10% off your order.

Brian is Going on Vacation

Brian has been busy banking Scam School episodes so he could take a two month vacation out in LA. There's gonna be some scheduling issues, so the live episodes might move around a bit over the summer.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to NightAttack.tv/DiamondTime or Bit.ly/plugmything.


In this game, the Chatrealm sends Snapchats to "justinryoung". Tom and Brian guess what the next snapchat will be, Justin plays it and then decides who was closer.

  • Brian - rooster with half of its beak cut off in upstate new york
  • Tom - man's knee and the hairs look like LBJ
    • Answer - Double chin guy - Point goes to Tom
  • Tom - a close up showing hashmarks
  • Brian - space shuttle atlantis three days before it's last flight
    • Answer - crying squid - Tom
  • Brian - Donald Trump
  • Tom - close up of Scott Sigler's nose hair
    • Answer - Cooking food - Tom
  • Brian - Cards
  • Tom - Foam
    • Answer - Cheez-it - Brian
  • Tom- Untrained cables with dust.
  • Brian - Original Beatles White album lp
    • Answer - Pirate hat - Brian
  • Brian - Tom's stupid face
  • Tom - My dick
    • Answer - Three dicks (screenshot of the show) - Brian

LIGHTNING ROUND! One person per snap!

  • Brian - A chinese person
    • YES
  • Tom - Food
    • YES
  • Brian - Copyright violation
    • YES
  • Tom - Photo
    • YES
  • Brian - Derivative works
    • YES
  • Tom - art
    • NO - Salt and vinegar chips

Great Quotes

  • "It was a good run! 14 episodes! Longer than Firefly! Eat shit Joss Whedon!" - Brian

Fun Facts

  • If you have something time-sensitive, Diamond Time is definitely not the way to go.



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