Episode 140: That's Illegal (w/ Jason Murphy)

Jason Murphy returns to the show to tell us of his whirlwind adventures at a massive Hollywood premiere and legitimately makes Brian supremely jealous when he reveals that he was able to have an extended chat with one of Brian's heroes.

Released on October 26, 2016, 3:52 am UTC


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Show Notes

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The guys talked a bit about Bryce's experience today on Twitter where he had a bunch of homophobes yelling at him.

Cold Open


Half off The Contender

Ya know Justin's politics-themed card game, The Contender? Well you can get it 50% off for the next few days with the code "Vegas".

Jason's Tale

Once upon a time, Jason Murphy wrote about movies EVERY DAY on the internet for just $125/month. That's almost as bad as writing about a podcast once a week for $0/month! (#Jokes).

Similarly, his friend (and our friend) C. Robert Cargill built up quite a following writing about movies on Ain't It Cool News under the name "Massawym". Then a bunch of stuff happened and now he invited Jason to the premiere of the Marvel movie that he wrote. If you didn't know, Cargill was tapped to write Dr. Strange. That's pretty neat! Jason told the story of attending the Dr. Strange premiere as Cargill's guest.

Everything was pretty cool, but Brian got SUPER jealous when he found out that Jason had an EXTENDED conversation with Dan Harmon in the theater before the movie started.

That Time Brian Had A Panic Attack In LA

When Brian and Jason were filming Hacking the System, Brian was super stressed out, he took his podcasts independent, he watched a dude get run over by a car and he wasn't getting much sleep. Well, his fingers started going numb and went to the doctor where he was prescribed some Xanax. Then they went and filmed a wacky 4th of July party where he shared his drugs with Jason.


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The Black Goat Motorcycle Club

Jason wrote a book called "The Black Goat Motorcycle Club". He also recorded the audio book for it and is releasing it on Soundcloud. You can also support Jason and his book on Patreon where you can get chapters of the audio book earlier than everyone else.

Jason Spoils Dr. Strange Beat-By-Beat


  • Jason's Favorite Part of Dr. Strange: The cloak
  • Jason's Least Favorite Part of Dr. Strange: Having a comprehensive knowledge of Marvel stories, the story was predictable

Also the 3D is pretty badass.

Jason Finally Got Into the Magic Castle

When Brian and Jason were filming Hacking the System they went to The Magic Castle, but Jason was turned away because he was wearing jeans. THEY WERE NICE JEANS! COME ON! Well, the Dr. Strange afterparty was at The Magic Castle and Jason finally got let in. But this time, Jason didn't really give a fuck about seeing magic and just wanted to hang out with famous people.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Movie Draft Chat

The 2016 Winter Movie Draft took place last monday and you can finally submit your lineups at draft.diamondclub.tv/form.

  • Brian's slate will beat DTNS' slate - Jason
  • Rogue One will make all the money - Brian
  • To Brian: You're thinking in Summer movie draft terms - Justin

The Modern Rogue

Hey, did you know that Brian and Jason have a YouTube where they do all sorts of cool shit like chainsaw carving, making smoke bombs and literally shooting each other with pepper spray. LITERALLY SHOOTING. The show's called The Modern Rogue. You can find it at TheModernRogue.com

Danger Candy

Jason's wife Allison has a new web series called Super Blog Blog. That shit seems super dope.


At the start of the aftershow, they watched this video of Brian, Jason and Jeff talking about jizzing bees on a Rage Select video. The video featured clips from the Mario cartoons edited together to make it look like the characters are talking about cumming bees.

Then they talked about where Dr. Strange ranks among Marvel movies. It also morphed into a conversation about how all Marvel movies are kinda the same, but they're enjoyable enough that we all still go out to watch them twice a year.

After that, you won't believe this, they watched a couple Aunty Donna videos.

Great Quotes

  • "You need to be a comic book nerd AND a racist to get that one!" - Justin making a joke that

Fun Facts

  • This is the episode where they said "Fucko" a billion times
  • The guys referred to the theater in which the Dr. Strange premiere took place as "Mann's Chinese Theater", but it hasn't been called that since 2001. It's currently called the TCL Chinese Theater.
  • In the aftershow, Brian invoked "The Dierks Rule", which hasn't been mentioned in… years?
    • The Dierks Rule states that once three YouTube videos are shown in a row, the party's over.


  • Stan Lee yelling "Fucko!"

Preshow Doc


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