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Episode 142: God King: The Musical (w/ MikeTV)

MikeTV joins Justin and Brian live in the Austin studio to sing about recent political events.

Released on November 10, 2016, 5:01 am UTC


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Show Notes

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The guys watched more videos of people setting themselves on fire.

Cold Open

That one time Brian bought Hitler teacups.

We're Not Gonna Talk About The Thing That Happened Last Night

The big event last night (on November 8th, 2016) got people all over the world, mostly the United States, all riled up. Now, this is a comedy show so they don't wanna stir shit up - they're not gonna talk about what happened… THEY'RE GONNA SING ABOUT IT!

Last night Justin, Tom Merritt and Brian did an 8 hour livestream to accompany the election results coming in. They were joined by famous political podcaster Dan Carlin and racial liaison OhDoctah as they learned of the surprising results that brought about a Trump presidency. They got really drunk. It was great.

Ok, We're Not Gonna Sing the Whole Time

They're gonna talk about the election. But I guess they'll sing about some parts of it. Anyway, Dan Carlin was on, Trump won, shit went pretty crazy. You can check out the whole stream archive on, but I don't know how long it will stay there. I want to put it up on the BBpediaVideos YouTube channel, but there's an issue where the DCV 24/7 channel picks up every upload from that channel and having a random 8 hour video show up in the lineup is kind of a bummer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Real talk tho, Trump winning was a surprise to everyone even both campaigns. All the polls indicated that Hillary Clinton would coast to an easy win. Turns out they were all super wrong. Whoopsie doodle!

Damn, Dude! is Popular

During the election stream, we had over 1,000 people watching live and the servers melted under the intense heat of all that election passion.


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Hooray for Zachary Durst! He ain't the worst!

Brian Single-Handedly Put Trump Into the White House

If you're somehow unaware, Brian is very outspoken about voting Libertarian and he loves to engage with people about politics with people on Twitter. So when it became apparent that Trump was going to win, Brian started getting all dismissive like "This is fine. Everything is gonna be fine." and people started yelling at him on Twitter about how dumb his third-party vote is.

He also kept going on about how the President is not a "God King". He said "God King" like a dozen times. Maybe if you took a deep breath and it wasn't election night, Brian's sentiment wasn't all that controversial. It was just a wrong time, wrong place situation. Similarly, back in the W Bush days, Justin argued that civil unions were better than marriage and straight people should just get civil unions. His gay friends interpreted this as him trying to derail their fight for gay marriage.

Also, you think you should be able to have sex with a dolphin? Bonnie sang a song about how Dolphins are smarter than America

The Contender

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White-Ass Privilege

The guys sang a song about Justin's white privileged and how he drank wine on the plane out to Austin and not engage with people on Twitter.

Diamond Time

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Movie Draft Chat

  • Dark Tower got moved and I got La La Land. I don't think it'll do blockbuster numbers. I think I'm cooked - Justin
  • Arrival could do Interstellar or Inception numbers - Brian
  • I expect Dr. Strange to be the #1 movie again this week - Justin


They watched some more flaming shot videos and said "WHITE" a lot. Then I stopped watching and I don't know what they did after that.

Great Quotes

  • "This is the MOST AMAZING show ever!" - Bonnie after the God King song
  • "That was worth $500, right?" - Brian's first words of the aftershow in reference to Justin paying $500 to move his flight up a few days so he could be live in studio

Fun Facts

  • Someone should make a supercut of the guys saying that "[movie] could make Inception money" over the last six years
    • Inception was the surprise hit of 2010 and the guys WILL NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP about movies potentially repeating its performance


  • The Mountain Goats - Justin

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