Episode 149: A Ripping Yarn

Brian and Justin tell the story of Brian's new drone and then they look back at some of the things that happened in 2016.

Released on December 28, 2016, 4:45 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia

Cold Open

Justin reenacts Aunty Donna's yet-to-be-filmed "Breakfast Goat" sketch

A Ripping Christmas Yarn

Every year, the Brushwoods put together a nice little video Christmas card for the internet. This year they wanted to build a snowman, so naturally Brian went to Sonic to buy a shit ton of ice. Here's the video, it turned out well.

Separately, Brian and Justin have this game where they tease an image by saying something like "Oh have you seen that [thing] from [person]?" and then sending them this photo of Harambe that the Cincinnati Zoo doesn't want you to see. They've been doing this to each other for a few months. It's a good time. Well, in the last week Bonnie jumped in on the game and got Justin. The fact that Brian got Bonnie to punk Justin only added fuel to Justin's fire and he WILL get vengeance!

So Brian bought a used drone from a friend that he wants to use for getting cool shots for his various internet shows. It's Christmas and Brian is over at either his or Bonnie's parents' house and he's testing out his drone outside. He gets the drone off the ground and it's hovering about 4 feet off the ground. Everyone inside hears the loud buzz of the drone and comes outside to watch. Brian, lacking confidence in his ability to fly it, decides to walk up and grab it rather than land it. Unfortunately, this is one of the fancy expensive drones that notices when it's being pulled by outside forces. The blades spin into overdrive trying to escape. Brian keeps his grip on the drone and hands the controls over to Bonnie's dad to turn off the drone. They turn it off, everything's fine. Except it's not. Once it lost connection with the controls, the very smart drone goes into landing mode. This means that the blades (still spinning at full speed) started folding down toward Brian's hand. At this point Brian drops the very expensive drone and Bonnie kicks the very expensive drone.

At this point, Brian texts Justin about the inaugural flight and that he was gonna send him a picture of the seven stitches he got. Justin immediately assumed that Brian was going to sent him a Harambe picture. Turns out it was an actual picture of Brian's stitched up hand. Whoops!


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Google Zeitgeist 2016

Here's the segment they do every year where they look at the Google Trending searches of the year and see if Brian knows what they are.

  1. Pokemon Go
  2. iPhone 7
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Prince
  5. Powerball
  6. David Bowie
  7. Deadpool
  8. The Olympics
  9. Slither.io
  10. Suicide Squad

Remember the Post Election Episode?

Remember that time they did an episode the night after Donald Trump was elected President? That was a fun episode. On this episode they listened to some of Steven Cogswell's God King songs.

Movie Draft Chat

  • Blendermf put DTNS in the number 1 spot on the Movie Draft Minute, but forgot to update their total
    • Lucky for Blendermf, Brian blamed Vincent404
  • You think Rogue One has another $150 million in the tank? - Brian
  • Maybe? - Justin
  • Sing is the only kids movie out now - Brian
  • Logan is gonna do $200 million in the first 30 days - Brian
  • John Wick is gonna do $150 million - Brian
  • 50 Shades Darker will do $100 million - Brian
  • XXX will do $75 million - Brian
  • You're overvaluing XXX and John Wick - Justin
  • 50 Shades will do 75% of the first one - Justin
  • Logan will do $90 million in the first 30 days - Justin
  • If Brian comes within $24.5 million dollars of DTNS's total gross (or surpasses their gross), Justin owes him a steak

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!


They did a Modern Rogue episode on pushups and the internet criticized Brian's pushup form.

Great Quotes

  • "I was in France and I didn't show my boobies" - Bonnie
  • "Welcome to Night Attack, the show where we know Sam the Bellhop but not Slither.io!" - Justin (sung)

Fun Facts

  • Justin challenged the audience to put together a supercut of him predicting failure for Donald Trump in the 2016 election




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