Episode 150: The $12 Challenge (w/ OMGchad)

Chad finally frees himself from banishment by coming on the show and collecting $12, then Brian performs a medical procedure on himself during the show

Released on January 4, 2017, 5:22 am UTC


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Show Notes

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In the preshow they watched a clip from the TV show Right This Minute that looked at viral videos and had a panel guess whether the clips were real or fake. Brian's fake flaming shot fail was included on this show and they all correctly guessed that it was fake. Meaning that it wasn't an ACTUAL flaming shot fail. Brian started yelling about how it was real fire and blah blah blah, obviously misinterpreting their judgement of it being fake.

Cold Open

Brian ate the basketball

The $12 Challenge

Last week on the show, the guys announced that OMGchad is banned from the show until he shows up and collects his six $2 bills. Will he show up tonight? Who knows?! (But it definitely sounds like it)

Ya Heard of this Livestreaming Thing?

Man, Twitch is real cool! Now that Twitch is open for podcasters, Brian and Justin can just go live any time they want! Like, they can play games or just talk live on the internet!

They talked about this like it was a totally new concept that was impossible before. Ok.

OMGchad Is Here

Well, they've exhausted all of their ideas for this episodes, so I guess they're just gonna bring Chad on now. The guys reminisced about their streaming history and Chad coached them on what they could expect on Twitch.

Banned Ads

Chad used to work for TWiT and he has some inside info on how Brian and Justin got "banned". They watched some old ads they did that got them in trouble. The one that really got them in trouble was the Spam Is A Rapist ad. After that ad, the folks at TWiT wanted to get Brian and Justin on the phone with the advertiser. Inside TWiT, they had a calendar item labeled "Fire NSFW". Oof. However, when the phone call happened, the advertiser talked about how much they loved their ads, but they just didn't want them to talk about rape anymore.

Then they talked about how Justin got banned from doing ads after the Click Clack incident and had to be replaced by the Ad DragonHere's the Ad Dragon's first appearance on NSFW. Man, the show was really funny back then.


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Edmund Cole

Brian's Gonna Periscope the Removal of his Stitches

Brian got some stitches after getting mauled by a drone. So he thought it would be a good idea to livestream him removing the stitches. This is probably against the Twitch TOS, so he streamed it on Periscope during the show. Neshcom narrated.

See the Periscope here.

Hey! It's Jay Brushwood!

Seeing Brian's Periscope, Brian's brother Jay called into the show for about 20 seconds.

Chad is Doing AT&T Ads

Chad has done a video series called "Chad on the Street" where he lays down on the street with people and talks to them. Now AT&T has started paying him to do Chad on the Street segments for AT&T.

PAX South

All our cool friends go to PAX. Brian and Justin want to do something of some sort at PAX. Will it actually be IN PAX? Definitely not. Will it be a show? Maybe. Will it just be a meetup? Probably.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Movie Draft Chat

  • Movie League Mike thinks Justin will be buying Brian a steak


They watched some flaming shot videos, then they started watching videos and playing a song from the Blade soundtrack on top of them.


  • Ted Twitch

Preshow Doc


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