Episode 3: It's In Your Constitution

This week, a new character is born, Get Set Go writes songs for people (get well Veronica!) and we enter the future! BRING ON THE TOP HATS AND MONOCLES!

Released on March 19, 2014, 2:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show Notes by Leon - Latest version on BBpedia!

Cold Open

Brian and Justin discuss the students at Hogwarts transforming into other animals and having sex with each other.

Opening Video

Puppet Leo Laporte TVMike and JuRY Goat Cash Song by Jackie Hern

LA Earthquake Video

A few days before the episode, there was a minor earthquake in Los Angeles. Watch how these news anchors reacted to the quake.

Bri Bri and Jurbs Talk About Reddit

Justin talked about how many Redditors fancy themselves as "worldly" and such. However, Justin postulates that if Reddit ever becomes truly popular worldwide (i.e. half the front page is in arabic and portugese) most redditors will instantly go from "worldly" to "build a fence… NOW".

Creepy British Man


Just like many characters, this one is loathed by Justin's not-so-platonic girlfriend, Ashley. A few days before the episode, Justin teased on twitter that the new character's initials are "CBM". Cowgirlcurtis guessed that the character was "Colonel Bowel Movement". That's not the character, but Justin liked the idea enough to try it out on the show.

The actual character is Creepy British Man

  • Schtick
    • He licks his lips
    • Speaks in a cockney accent from a bygone era
    • Speaks in creepy sayings that don't actually exist

Patreon History

The Patreon is up to $1956. Here's what happened in the year 1956. If you want to donate to the Patreon, head over toPatreon.com/NightAttack

  • February 11 – British spies Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean resurface in the Soviet Union after being missing for 5 years.
  • February 22 – Elvis Presley enters the United States music charts for the first time, with "Heartbreak Hotel."
  • February 23 – Norma Jean Mortenson legally changes her name to Marilyn Monroe.

Wait it's 1957. No, 1963- 64 -67 -71! God damn it. We just past through the Vietnam war and two Iraq wars: it's 2015.

2015! Bring on the top-hats and monocles!
  • Tesla becomes a major manufacture
  • A boat sinks

Get Set Go

MikeTV and Dave Palamaro are in Austin for SXSW to premiere a documentary that they are involved with. It's called In Heaven There Is No Beer. Check it out!

Brian and Justin made them create some theme songs for various people/groups.

  • Chatrealm
  • Vladimir Putin - "Vladimir, You're Not Queer"
  • Alex Jones
  • Veronica - Video

Blazer Tag: Preferred Lazer Tag Arena of Brian Brushwood and Alex Jones

For the second week in a row, Brian and Justin recount their experiences at Blazer Tag. It's legitimately a great establishment and it just so happens that Brian and Alex Jones like to take their kids there (not necessarily together). Head on over and give them a good Yelp review.

However there are two stories in particular from that have yet to be shared that absolutely need to be shared:

  • The whole trip to Blazer Tag was for Brian's daughters to have fun, so when one of Brian's daughters shot him, Brian was hamming it up and fell to the floor. That was when Justin ran up and started teabagging him.
  • Jay's stepdaughter came along for the jocularity and got bopped in the nose. Jay and Jackie Hern rushed over to make sure she was ok. While this was happening, Jay made sure to shoot both his stepdaughter and Jackie every few seconds to make sure he racked up those important points.



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Remember last week when they had the contest where they were giving away an iPod nano to the person with the most fucked up tweet about spam? Well we have a winner and it's MegaVortex!

In Heaven There Is No Beer

There's a documentary that Get Set Go is involved with about their music scene in LA. It's called "In Heaven There Is No Beer" and its about how their close knit music community started to fray and fall apart. Brian and Justin saw some startling parallels between their story and the Diamond Club.

Diamond Time

Submit your product/service/thing at NightAttack.tv/DiamondTime or Bit.ly/plugmything.

Get Set Go

Get Set Go performed a few of their songs live in Brian's studio.

Great Quotes

  • "Just know that if we put it in Chatrealm's hands, there's gonna be at least three stanzas of 'Pol Pot'." -Justin on Chatrealm writing a song
  • "Eat shit Justin. You're an asshole!" -Brian


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