Episode 35: Let It Go

What the fuck, dude… Jesus Christ. So… where do we start? Hey, Brian's getting a vasectomy! Comedy gold! Anthony Carboni's here! Hooray! Marvel unveiled their movie plans for the next 5 years! Awesome, I can't wait to see those movies! Also OMG Chad got fired from TWiT, Brian really wants to talk shit about TWiT but doesn't, then he drops a bomb in the aftershow and immediately cuts the stream.

Released on October 29, 2014, 3:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on DCTVpedia

Cold Open

Snippets from the NSFW segment "NPRSFW" from the episode Scott Johnson vs. The World.


What the FUCK is happening? Everything was normal until the topic of Chad leaving TWiT came up. He told Justin that he would have to "be the shepherd" and hold him back from exploding on the air.

Seriously What's Going On?

Brian was a bit on edge because of what's happened with Chad being fired, Brian getting a vasectomy in three days, he was a bit drunk and also he just shaved. Justin had to be the "adult" for this episode.

Is Brian Going to Dress Up His Balls For His Halloween Vasectomy?

In the previous episode, Brian had promised to put googly eyes on his balls for his vasectomy appointment scheduled for Halloween. In the episode, he was having second thoughts about googly eyes, however he was open to the idea of other "costumes".

In an attempt to distract Brian from his intense emotions, the guys brainstormed some ideas for costumes/tricks/pranks to pull with Brian's weiner. One of Justin's best ideas was to have Brian do a card trick for the nurse and reveal that her card is on his balls.

Somehow Brian ended up playing the famous yelling Hitler scene from Downfall while he leaned back in his chair jiggling his nuts. Here's a gif of it.


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Marvel Phase 3 vs. Brian's Balls

The day of recording this episode was Marvel's announcement of their "Phase 3" lineup of movies along with release dates out until 2019. Anthony and Justin had a discussion about the C-list superheroes that would soon get movies. Then Anthony and Justin attempted to sell Brian on whether Doctor Strange or Black Panther would give Brian a better vasectomy.

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Justin read this ad while the gif of Brian reenacting Downfall with his balls played full-screen.

So Chad Got Fired From TWiT

So remember when Chad used to work for Brian, but quit to work for TWiT and Brian was pretty mad? Brian proceeded to yell about that asshole Chad for a few minutes. Then Brian changed his tune and sung the praises of that rad dude, Chad. The day of recording, Chad announced that he no longer has a job with TWiT and it wasn't his choice. Chad had gone live on his Twitch channel to talk about what happened. Justin also told everyone to raid his chatroom during the show and only post "Carebear Stares" (O_O).

If you want to support Chad, he has a Patreon… Because EVERYONE has a Patreon now. It's Patreon.com/omgchad

Brian Explodes (Kinda)

So Brian started screaming about how he was very upset that TWiT poached Chad and started screaming all sorts of shit about how he's happy that a lot of other people are leaving TWiT. Justin had to resort to playing Frozen's Let it Go to signal Brian to "let it go". Brian continued to hold back, but repeatedly mentioned that there's things he wants to say. Now more than ever, he is having trouble finding reasons why he shouldn't speak the whole truth.

Hey, Patreon is Cool

So, get this, Anthony has a patreon too (Patreon.com/WeHaveConcerns). He and Justin jerked off Patreon for about 10 minutes.

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Holy fuck. So, it was a really short aftershow and Brian REALLY wanted to talk about how he's feeling. Anthony convinced him to talk about it off the air and Brian relented. However he made an inflammatory accusation and immediately shut down the stream.

  • Editor's note: Yo dawg, it's Leon aka the guy who writes these summaries and posts the Preshow and Aftershow videos. When Brian dropped the bomb and dropped the mic, I was conflicted as to whether or not I should include what he said in the official video. My policy has always been to release everything I have, but this would be a pretty good time to reconsider. Well, guess what. I went back and watched my MetaCDN stream recording… it doesn't have the last crucial second of the stream. Swear to god. I haven't been silenced by "the man", my recorder simply didn't capture the last few seconds. Sorry, bro.

Great Quotes

  • "This is typical Stephen Strange BULLSHIT!" - Brian
  • "You're TV's Brian Brushwood and you can't have children. It's fine." - Anthony
  • "What young man doesn't want to go to Petaluma?" - Anthony
  • "Chad, I love you more than anything else, besides my wife and my kids and all that other fucking bullshit." - Brian
  • "Ohh are we simulcast right now? Let me pander! *Plays Let it Go*" - Justin
  • "You are my youngest dad." - Chad to Brian
  • "Do a magic trick, asshole." - Anthony

Fun Facts

  • April "Viking Lass" Ness was in Justin's studio for this episode.

Preshow Doc


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