Episode 39: Pig Bladders' Eve

We learn the history of Thanksgiving, choose a Night Attack 3 album cover, make progress on the self-help book and Brian and Justin read an awesome Abe Lincoln movie script.

Released on November 26, 2014, 3:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

What if OMG Chad was the head of Al-Qaeda?

The History of Thanksgiving

Brian and Justin both majored in Thanksgiving in college, so they decided to teach everyone the history of the holiday. They went back and forth, improvising the history of Thanksgiving one sentence at a time. Topics included: Ed Columbus coming to America, getting your fist stuck in Hitlers butt and Alan Alda sticking his finger up your mother's butthole and forcing you to smell it


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Night Attack 3: Too Old to Talk Covers

It's time to pick a final album cover for the new album. The three covers that Brian and Justin really liked were submission 22,submission 24 and submission 28.

More Night Attack 3 Pimping

So remember last time when Neshcom made some remixes of Night Attack tracks? Well this time around Neshcom is the main man in charge of editing the actual tracks and doesn't have time to make remixes. Brian and Justin have hired ChatrealmerTropix to remix a few tracks(he previously put together this White People Rich remix). They played a few of his Night Attack 3 remixes on the show including this one.

The plan is to release the album on December 9th (December 9th December 9th December 9th).

Self-Help Book Planning

Brian and Justin spent 15-20 minutes trying to agree on a backstory for the author, when MaxTrollbot in the chatroom suggested the title "Ancient Caucasian Secrets" and everyone fell in love. Obviously, with that title, it will be very easy to cross the line into racism territory… so… ya know… just, don't be racist?

Here's the book doc

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Lincoln Express

Fuck you, American public. Why do you love podcasts that aren't ours? We're sick of this Serial podcast that everyone is talking about. We get it, you want a story, not random bullshit.

Almost three months ago Brian and Justin talked about a script written by a guy who worked on Hacking the System that followed Abraham Lincoln on a train that was hijacked by terrorists. It's called "Lincoln Express". Brian and Justin wanted to make it a big produced thing, but that's really not gonna happen. So the guys decided to just do a bit of a table read and if everyone likes it, they'll do more of it.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

To Tell the Truth

Brian's had quite an eventful couple days on Twitter. First, on Sunday, he went on an extended rant about how much he hated the latest Hunger Games movie. Then on Monday the whole Furguson thing blew up again and Brian had some strong opinions about people's strong opinions that they were voicing on Twitter. Basically he hates that people think they're doing something by screaming on Twitter.

Then Brian got serious about his feelings regarding filtering his thoughts and deciding what he should say publicly. He then unironically ended the segment with "There's things I wanna say, but I won't!"

Great Quotes

  • "Welcome to the only show dedicated to getting you fired the moment you appear on it." - Brian
  • "Kevin Rose should write a book called Kiss from a Rose." - Brian
  • "We all know how to write weird sex acts. What are the rules for writing weird life lessons?" - Brian
  • "I guess we're just throwing a molotov cocktail at white people." - Justin

Preshow Doc


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