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Episode 47: Ghost Dad

Wow, dude. This is an episode that'll be talked about for a long time. The guys begin to investigate the mystery caused by Justin's thought-to-be-dead father adding him on Facebook a few hours before the show. Is it his actual father? Is it a scammer looking for money? Is it his actual father looking for money? WHO KNOWS?! Oh yeah, and Brian's TV show debuted on Nat Geo. Whatever.

Released on January 21, 2015, 3:00 am UTC


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Cold Open

Brian sucks at Hearthstone.

Serial Season 2: Ghost Dad

Earlier in the day, Brian and Justin were planning out the bits for the show when Justin dropped an "Oh shit…" followed by a lengthy silence. Justin's presumed-to-be-dead father, Charles Young, whom Justin hasn't seen in 19 years added him on Facebook. The story that Justin had been told and/or believed was that he died somewhere in Puerto Rico 13 years ago, but that's apparently not the case. Like, seriously, what the fuck?

Hardcore fans will remember Justin's father from the Night Attack 2 track "Racist Justin" in which his father called a pre-pubescent Justin a racist.

So Charles was in the middle of the pager/cell phone boom at Ericsson and he began burning bridges and failing downward to other companies like Motorola, until he was forced to move to Puerto Rico for work. In the early 2000s, Justin lost touch with him and friends of Charles said he was very sick, didn't know where he was, and presumed he was dead. That's all the information Justin had until today. Brian and Justin used the Serial theme song to propose some of their theories as to what the hell is going on.

Of course Justin was looking through Charles' Facebook page, and sure enough, it has his father's real birthday and his location is the last city that Justin knew he lived. However, there are no pictures of his father on there. This all seems pretty fishy to Justin and he doesn't believe that it's actually his father. But then there's the Nisha call email.

When Charles messaged Justin on Facebook, Justin asked him to email a current picture to verify his identity. The email didn't have a picture, however there were some details regarding his past. Now, it's important to note that Charles Young was very well spoken when Justin knew him and english is, in fact, his first language. The email has a lot of grammatical errors and he even misspelled Justin's brother "Erik".

Justin is still leaning toward "this is a total bullshit scam" however, at the time of recording, Justin had only known about this situation for a couple hours and there are surely more details that will surface.

If you're Charles Young, or someone using his identity to try to get money from his family, head on over and see all of the money that you'll never get a cent of!

Somebody Wants Brian to Be An International Arms Dealer

Brian got an email from Tonny MONTANA in Denmark asking Brian to buy a 9mm Beretta and send it to him in Denmark.


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What Are the Odds?

No, seriously, what are the odds that this person contacting Justin and his family is actually Justin's biological father? Mitzula? Head on over to the super-official Strawpoll regarding Justin's father to voice your opinion!

Hacking the System

Man, all this talk about scammers possibly pretending to be Justin's father makes me want to learn more about my own Personal Security. So I watched Hacking the System, hosted by Brian Brushwood, on NatGeo which just premiered the night before this episode! Brian, co-host Jason Murphy, Justin and Tom Merritt did a livestream viewing party during the episode. If you missed out on the livestream, you can sync up your recording of Hacking the System with the archived viewing party on YouTube.

Following the premiere, Brian got an email from a Texas-based private investigator that was quite impressed with the episode and asked to get lunch some time.

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Great Quotes

  • "Hi mom, I have two surprises for you. 1: I'm coming to Ft. Lauderdale. 2: Your dead ex-husband just friended me on Facebook." - Justin

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