Episode 49: That's Amageing

Brian and Justin are worried about having to live up to their previous episode, Willie "Dills" Gregory comes on to talk Hearthstone and MC Allergy is back with a brand new invention.

Released on February 4, 2015, 3:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

Will e-sports ever be as popular as actual sports?

Regressing to the Mean

Alright, the past two episodes featuring Justin's "ghost dad" were amazing. There's no way they're gonna be able to top that unless some other strange tragedy befalls one of their family members, but that doesn't mean they won't try to turn some ordinary bullshit into another Serial parody.

For example: Justin accidentally left his iPad on an airplane. He called the airline to see if it was still on the plane, but that did fuck-all. A few days later, the iPad was turned on and connected to the internet causing it to be locked and send it's location to Justin. The thing ended up with some asshole in Golden Gate Park and they haven't contacted Justin.

Brian and Justin are Obsessed with Hearthstone

A few weeks ago in the cold open, Brian talked about his new found love of Hearthstone. This week, they went on a extended, racist rant against mages.

So Hearthstone is a card game like Magic: The Gathering, except it's a video game made by Blizzard (the guys who did World of Warcraft) and the cards are all based on Warcraft characters.

Brian is a Complete Baby When He's Sick

One of Brian and Bonnie's daughters was sick this week and Bonnie was the one who volunteered to live in the sanitarium that is Penny's room. This decision was made because Brian is a gigantic baby when it comes to being sick. The dude literally walks around dragging a blanket like Linus from the Peanuts gang.


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Willie Dills Loves Hearthstone

Host of the Angry Chicken podcast as well as the massive WoW podcast The Instance (also hosted by Scott Johnson) , Willie "Dills" Gregory, joined the show to talk Hearthstone. Unlike Brian and Justin who have only just gotten into the game, Dills is super hardcore into Hearthstone and has been since the closed beta.

If you're into Hearthstone, you can submit your Hearthstone/Battle.net account at Bit.ly/DiamondStone to let otherChatrealmer's find you.

While Brian and Justin are super into Hearthstone, they don't know shit about the Warcraft characters that the cards are based on. So they're going to attempt to describe the characters on these cards to Hearthstone and Warcraft fanatic, Dills.


  • Jaina - She was in USC film school before going through a portal, letting her emigrate to the World of Warcraft and become a mage.
  • Thrall - His giant teeth severely impair his speaking abilities. His name is actually Tom. He went to the University of Phoenix to become a shaman. He's also known for his amazing bundt cake.
  • Uther the Lightbringer - His original name was Derek Proudmoore and he went to a private school where he bullied other kids. He's kind of a dick. He has a bird named "Squawks". He died after downloading a virus on the Pirate Bay when he was trying to pirate "The Interview".
  • Garrosh Hellscream - Born "Hells Cream", he was teased in middle school because of his interest in death metal and poor teeth. This teasing lead him to coin his famous catchphrase "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!". His favorite film is "Maid in Manhattan".

If you want more Dills and Hearthstone, check out The Angry Chicken podcast which is streamed live every monday night on atTwitch.tv/AMoveTV or watch Dills play Hearthstone and other games at Twitch.tv/WillieDillsSF.

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MC Allergy Comes Out of Retirement

We all thought that MC Allergy was done after her live performance at Dragon Con, but she's made her triumphant return! This time around, she's written a song about aioli, inspired by Justin's instagram.

Just like last time, she sang the lyrics with no musical backing so you can edit them together into a song with your own rap beat tracks. You can get the mp3 of Bonnie's lyrics here.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

The Journey Update

Clean-up has begun on the chapters and there will be more info next week. If you want to see the progress, you can view the doc here. If you want to help out, contact @CaliforniaKarl on twitter, or any of those other dudes that run the doc.


Immediately after the show ended, Justin sang a weird-ass song from his childhood. Then Brian read their original pitch to TWiTfor NSFW.

Great Quotes

  • "'Life's like a box of shit biscuits' like the Robert Zemeckis movie taught us." - Brian (just before the Mailroute ad)
  • "Wahh? Now I'm more interested now that it involves me." - Justin (during the MC Allergy segment)
  • "Call 9-1...1!" - Bonnie (during her rap segment)

Fun Facts

  • This was the episode where we all learned what a "Shit Biscuit" was.


  • MC Allergy

Preshow Doc


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