Episode 50: That's Bananas

Andrew Mayne is here to create a new team of Night Attack superheroes and offer his expert insight as an author to improve the Chatrealm's self-help book.

Released on February 11, 2015, 3:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia

Cold Open

Will Justin make the world think he fucked a pig, or will he actually fuck a pig in private?

Ok, That Was ACTUALLY Racist

Right off the bat, Brian came up with a racist slogan for a fake town called "Bananas, Georgia". He rationalized it by claiming that he is leading the charge to get them to change their slogan.

Don't Give Me Aioli, You Aiholi

Last weekMC Allergy debuted her new song "Don't Give Me Aioli, You Aiholi". As they are want to do, both Night Attack remixers, Neshcom and Tropix took it upon themselves to create beats to put under MC Allergy's rap.

Neshcom's version.

Tropix's version.


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Night Attack Superheroes

The night before this episode, it was announced that Marvel and Sony came to a deal that will bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This gave Brian and Justin the idea to have Chatrealm come up with some Night Attack themed superheroes in order to start our own huge movie franchise.

See all of the Superheroes that Chatrealm came up with here.

  • Dr. Sparkles
    • Power - Unicorn whisperer
    • Story - He was abandoned when he was a child on the mountains of North Korea, but he was adopted and raised by mighty pink unicorns, since then he can call the unicorns to save the world.
  • Night Fist
    • Power - Invade your home and fist you @ midnight
    • Story - boogers
  • Neshcom
    • Power - Makes incredible noises & things. Chatrealm Ownage.
    • Story - Mother earth wept tears of blood the day he was born. Dropped out of preschool after being recruited by “the man” at the age of 3. Was first seen doing a full set of monkey bars with one hand at the age of 2. Worked for The Company during the formative years of his life...
  • Troll Pope
    • Power - Guardian of Morals, server of banishments and absolutions. Weakness: totally incapacitated by a good joke.
    • Story -

            oooOOOooooOOO his beard is better kept than Justin’s

            ooooOOOooooOOOO he has the power to interrupt Brian on G-chat with hilarious stuff

            ooooOOoooOOO everybody thinks his podcast with Jeff Cannata is both witty and insightful

            oooOOOOOooo has the credibility to be a comedian and a Science host on the internet

            oooOOOooooOooo he has the power to create wonderfully crafted 3 minute science vignettes

  • Noseman
    • Power - He can smell fucking great!
    • Story - Indonesian Michael Jackson impersonator whose parents were horribly killed in a shit fire grows a second nose on his forehead so he can fight smelly, smelly crimes with his face.
  • Dad Dragon
    • Power - good parenting
    • Story - The Dad Dragon fell deeply and madly in love with, and married his lovely wife. They have a son, the Lad Dragon, who is very well adjusted thanks to the Dad Dragon’s superb parenting. The Dad Dragon is changing the world one great parenting decision at a time. He knows that the only real and true changes come as the result of slow and steady progress, and thus his real super power is the saintly patience of a parent.
  • Fad Dragon
    • Power - keen sense of past fads
    • Story - As a child the Fad Dragon was always one step ahead of the other little kids in his school. He was onto parachute pants, swatch watches, members only jackets, and rubik’s cubes well before his little friends. Sadly though, the Fad Dragon never developed the ability to leave those fads behind as he grew up. Now as a middle aged super hero, he is perpetually stuck in the past, always awkwardly 10 years in the past. Chuck Norris jokes have just come to his attention, and he is perpetually confused as to why he can’t find a Blockbuster to rent his favorite dvds.
  • Bad Dragon
    • Power - bad grammar and poor pronunciation
    • Story - Long time nemesis of the Ad Dragon. His lifelong quest to make the Ad Dragon go down and end his unparalleled ad read goodness has consumed the Bad Dragon. At one time, the Bad Dragon was a force for good with a soft inner core, but jealousy has consumed and rotted his caring soul. Through his powers of bad grammar, poor pronunciation and molded silicon, the Bad Dragon seeks to stimulate the downfall of all right and proper ad reads.
  • squarespace man
    • Power - website builder, content organizer, design wizard.
    • Story - enemy to round spaces.

Friendly Recommendation


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Head over to SquareSpace.com/nap and try out a 14-day free trial.

Journey Update

Chapter clean-up for the self-help book is now done thanks to KarlWaffleophagust2t2dr_rb and NobleApocalypse.

Here's the chapter written by Bonnie and read by Sebgonz that Brian played on the show.

You can check out the progress in the official book doc.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Penny's New Joke

There's two guys standing at a urinal. One guy starts peeing and it goes "psssssst". The other guy goes "What?"

Buy Angel Killer

Andrew Mayne has a really awesome book that is very highly reviewed on Amazon. It's available anywhere books are sold likeAmazon, iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, airport bookstores and even Amazon.

Brian and Justin in the Sims

Here's the gallery of Brian and Justin in the Sims that they showed off at the end of the show. Link.

Great Quotes

  • "We've got two virgins." - Brian meaning to say "two versions" of the MC Allergy song
  • "It hits girls" - Andrew describing which demographics "Dr. Sparkles" hits
  • "Ya wanna know my favorite thing about Kim Jong Un?" - Justin
  • "Someone really rolled their sleeves up and went to town on night fist." - Justin

Fun Facts

  • Here's the sex toy fists from Mythbusters that Brian was talking about: Link
  • Andrew revealed that the next Jessica Blackwood novel would be called Name of the Devil on this episode.
  • Sebgonz created an "OOOoooOOO I'm Anthony Carboni" shirt during the show. Link


  • None

Preshow Doc


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