Episode 54: How Could This Have Been Done

The guys stumble upon a poorly animated video revealing a magic trick, they read another chapter of Lincoln Express and we announce our Candidacy for Best Video Podcast of 2015.

Released on March 4, 2015, 3:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

You're gonna bleed out of a part of your body for a month, which body part do you choose?

Free-Form Flim Flam

Like many episodes, Brian and Justin started out by talkin a bunch of bullshit at the top of the episode. Topics included:

  • New Orleans, Ohio
  • Brian's super secret 45 minute interview

Nate Staniforth Lottery Prediction: Revealed

Brian had talked to Nate Staniforth earlier in the day, and it just so happened that they came across a poorly drawn and animated YouTube video that takes a shot at revealing one of Nate's best tricks. If you've never seen Nate's Lottery Illusion, he has randomly selected audience members pick numbers, then he reveals a lottery ticket with all of their chosen numbers. This really got under the skin of some rando Australian dude. This dude created this amazing video that Brian and Justin watched and broke down. It's quite a thing to behold. Nate Staniforth Lottery Prediction: Revealed


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SXSW Planning

Well, SXSW is less than two weeks away so I guess it's time to nail down some plans. The guys don't quite know when or where their shindig will be, however Brian teased that they had some sponsors, so it could be a pretty sweet party.

Podcast Awards

Five years ago the Podcast Awards mispronounced "Scam School" and we've ignored them ever since. However, this time around we're going hard! Night Attack has been nominated TWICE in the "Best Video" and "Mature" categories.

In past years we've been nominated, but we've never really felt like we have a large enough fan base to win. However, a conspiracy has been launched. The Chatrealm and the Frogpants' Tadpool are conspiring to vote for all our friends' shows. In addition to Night Attack, The Morning Stream, The Instance, Film Sack, Coverville and Daily Tech News Show are all nominated. If everyone in the Chatrealm and Tadpool votes everyday, there's a very good chance we can get a clean sweep. Here's a handy little voting pamphlet from Brian IbbottLink

As for the other categories, ehh, ya know, just vote for whatever you want. Or don't. We don't care.

Eagle-eyed voters will notice that there is a common competitor for DTNS and Night Attack in the "Tech" and "Video" categories. If you happen to dislike one of their competitors, you can voice your opinion by voting DTNS and Night Attack! But as always, stay classy. And vote "Diamond Stream".

You can vote once per day per email/IP over at PodcastAwards.com until March 24th. Additionally, t2t2 created some handy little tools to make voting a bit easier. You can find those at t2t2.eu/podawards

Be sure to check your email after you vote, because they require email verification in order for your vote to be counted.

Now go forth and vote and remember - persistence is the key.

It's Stressful Doing Tech Things While Live on a Podcast

When you're running a live podcast with hundreds of people screaming at you, it can be difficult to follow a simple 5-step set of instructions. For example, you may forget how to enable your bookmarks bar. You might struggle for a few minutes trying to drag a bookmarklet around and have nowhere to put it. Even when you get shit figured out, you might even sing the praises of the aforementioned bookmarklet while still being completely oblivious to its core functions.

Anyway, back to the show.

Friendly Recommendation


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Fuck Soy

Last week, Bonnie improvised a new MC Allergy track hating on soy. Just like clockwork, Steven Cogswell put together the song"FUCK SOY" using Bonnie's lyrics and his own backing music.

Check out more of Steven's stuff on his site.

Lincoln Express

Lincoln Express is a pilot script about Abraham Lincoln fighting terrorists on the presidential train, "Train Force One". Brian was a really big fan of it, so he and Justin did a dramatic reading of a portion of it on the show. Chatrealmer JamesGeee edited their reading and included sound effects to make it seem more professional. Link.

Since it went over so well last time, the guys decided to read another portion of the script. They mentioned something about releasing these recordings as their own podcast, but… come on.

If you're a fan of Lincoln Express and would like it to have its own podcast feed, put one together and tell people about it. That's how things get done around here.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Missed Signals

On the most recent Jury Podcast, Justin read some listener stories about completely missing signals that other people were into them. It was a fantastic episode that you can find right here.

Inspired by this, Brian told his own missed signal story.

Great Quotes

  • "How could this have been done?!" - Australian Guy
  • "Some of us don't believe that 9/11 happened." - Brian imitating Frank Underwood during the podcast awards segment

Fun Facts

  • RIP "That's -" titles. 2015-2015



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