Episode 55: The Texas Two-Step

We're all set for South By So Wasted 2015, the Brushwoods go full-Texas, we fail at playing a Google game and then Diamond Club Hearthstone is unveiled.

Released on March 12, 2015, 3:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon. Latest version on the DCTVpedia.

Cold Open

Ya ever been to the Golden Corral?

South By So Wasted 2015

The details have finally been hammered out, the South By So Wasted 2015 party will be at The Handlebar in Austin on Saturday March 14th, from 3-6pm. The musical lineup features first time SXSW guests Dual Core and DJ Tropix and returning performers The Possum Posse. BE THERE!

"Texas Dad" As FUCK

If you're not a listener of the Weird Things Podcast, then you missed out on the story from the Brushwood household in which Brian turned into a stereotypical Texas father. Brian was out in the backyard working on a project when he noticed a helicopter circling the area for a long time. While Brian was mocking the helicopter from the ground, Bonnie informed him that the cops were searching the neighborhood, guns drawn, looking for a burglar. Since Brian was working on a project, he had left the garage door open. This made it possible that the suspect could be hiding in their house. Bonnie insisted that they do a sweep of the house to make sure everything is all clear. Bonnie and Brian, armed with a rod from a coatrack, patrolled the house looking for any dangerous criminals.

After checking all the rooms in their house, they decided to sit down and watch some House of Cards. It was at this point when a thought crossed their minds, "If there was any time to open the gun safe, this would be it." So they went downstairs and made a stop at the fridge to get some beer and a stop to get the shotgun. It was at this point, Brian holding a beer in one had and a gun in the other, that he saw a figure approaching his front door. Before Brian started blasting he realized that the guy at his door was a cop. Brian was sure set down the beer and gun before opening the door and arousing suspicion.

A few days later, the suspect was still on the loose and the local news finally got off their asses to report what was going on. It's your standard local news report, except WAIT A MINUTE! IT'S BONNIE BRUSHWOOD! The local news came to interview Bonnie for the report. You can check out the story and watch the video here.


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Google Feud

Remember that awesome game we created from the first episode of NSFW that was a rip-off of Name that Tune called Name That Autocomplete? Well, someone used a similar idea to rip off Family Feud. It's called Google Feud and you can try to play it yourself at GoogleFeud.com

  • Category: Culture
  • Term: "coconut"
  • Guesses:
    • Bonnie: "Vitamin" Wrong
    • Brian: "Water" Wrong
    • Bonnie: "Open" Wrong

Apparently there were no actual autocompletes"

  • Category: People
  • Term: "my friend is addicted to"
  • Guesses:
    • Brian: "Meth" - Wrong
    • Bonnie: "Sex" - Wrong
    • Brian: "Porn" - Wrong
  • Category: People
  • Term: "I swallowed a"
  • Guesses:
    • Bonnie: "Bug" - Wrong
    • Brian: "Cock" - Wrong
    • Bonnie: "Coin" - Wrong

Ok, so Google Feud doesn't work but hey, lets keep trying anyway

Five more unsuccessful rounds omitted.

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Hearthstone Corner

Chatrealmers JuryFactsdr_rbmekt2t2Leon and Gatowag put together a deck of Hearthstone cards featuring characters from the Diamond Club universe. If you're one of those "not cool" people who don't play Hearthstone, it's a card game similar to Magic: The Gathering, but it's a video game made by the creators of World of Warcraft.

If you're just listening on audio and/or you don't play Hearthstone, this is probably a boring bit.

You can download the Diamond Club Hearthstone deck here.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Journey Update

So The Journey is still a thing and the chapter voting has finished. It's time to start thinking about how we're going to publish this thing. Maybe we can go through Vook again like we did with The Diamond Club: A Novel? I dunno. We should also e-mail some author friends to get their support.

Ohh Yeah! The Podcast Awards!

We REALLY want to win in the Podcast Awards this year. Head over to t2t2.eu/podawards for the easiest way to vote for Night Attack and our friends.

Wot? How Could This Have Been Done?


<> Roku App

SgtMuffin, the guy who created Brickslap.tv and is in the process of creating the new version of DiamondClub.tv, created a <> Roku app where you can watch all your favorite Diamond Club shows on your Roku. I hear its a pretty cool thing.

Great Quotes

  • "I am, and always will be, in your butt" - Brian (stolen from Brickster in the chat during the ad read)
  • "We were promised two more episodes! The first of many lies!" - Justin personifying the Game On Hearthstone card.

Preshow Doc


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