Episode 56: Friends with Invoices

The guys recap the last five days of South By Southwest partying. The Merritt Sessions have been recorded, we learn what was going on in Justin's head during the Diamond Club party and the guys are seriously addicted to Hearthstone.

Released on March 18, 2015, 4:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

A clip of the Possum Posse and Dual Core at SXSoWasted 2015.

The Devil Goes Down to Austin

The show starts off with a bit involving Brian convincing the devil to work for him.

SXSW 2015

South By Southwest was in full force in Austin, Texas this past weekend and there was all sorts of streaming shenanigans going on. They recap their experiences at various bars and parties, Brian's love of Nerdcore Rap, being hungover around Brian's three daughters and Hearthstone (of course).

The Merritt Sessions

Following in the footsteps of The Belmont Tapes from last year, Brian and Justin sat down with Tom to record some more tracks for an upcoming Night Attack album. This was also the first time that they involved the Patreon Four Horseboys with their private recordings.

In the middle of talking about the Merritt Sessions, Brian decided to tell the story of how they got themselves psyched up for theNight Attack (Live) recording at Nerdtacular. Justin started pitching rap songs to Brain. The songs were about haunted pussies and "AIDS on my dick". Unfortunately, when Justin was yelling about AIDS on his dick, Jon's girlfriend walked out of the hotel room bathroom and the guys felt super awkward.


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SXSoWasted Rock Doc

Brian's minions Gatowag and Neshcom were at the South By So Wasted party recording video in order to put together a 30-40 minute documentary of the event. Sounds like it should be pretty sweet. It should be released soonish(?).

Justin Doesn't Know the Duties of an MC

Justin tells the story of what was going through his head when he was MC'ing for Tropix at the Diamond Club party. Going into it, Justin just thought he was going to say a few words to get everyone hyped up between songs. However, once he started, he realized that he was expected to keep things going for the entire set. Since he didn't have anything prepared, he resorted to yelling at people on the street and making fun of other parties. Apparently this upset the people at the bar, who were wondering when "that guy will stop yelling at everyone".

The Rest of the South By So Wasted Party

The guys played some more clips of the musical performances from the Diamond Club party and talked about what was going on in their heads the whole time.

Of course, we need to give a huge "thank you" to Chatrealmer TimeJumper319 who sponsored the event and allowed Brian and Justin to pay the musical talent.

Additionally, hit up @HandleBarAustin for being awesome hosts.

Friendly Recommendation


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Every second that they weren't partying, they were playing Hearthstone. Late Sunday night they launched the Number 1 Hearthstone streaming duo "Hearth and Oates". Basically, they are mediocre at Hearthstone and they yell at their opponents.

You can watch the archived stream on the BBpediaVideos YouTube Channel.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Great Quotes

  • "Hitler on a pogo stick!" - Justin during the ad read

Fun Facts


  • Frank Undershwood

Preshow Doc


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