Episode 63: Balls Like the TARDIS

Justin is live in Austin as MikeTV returns to improvise musical covers of internet videos and Brian brings attention to an unforgivable scene from the 1970s Disney movie "Pete's Dragon".

Released on May 6, 2015, 2:15 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia


Before the show got started, Neshcom and MikeTV did a little "What is Mike Watching?" in which they both watched videos without showing them to the audience and Mike had to explain to everyone what was going on.

Cold Open

Spiro and The Fudge encounter some killer lizards (from the Weird Things Episode Officer Fudge's Mystery Package of Death)

Alternate Universe Brian

Justin is in Austin for a Go Game for the sales team at Dell, the same team that Brian was a part of 15 years ago before he pursued a career in magic. Brian and Justin explored the alternate universe in which Brian never left Dell and participated in a Go Game lead by Justin.

Travel Corner

Brian, Justin and Mike talked about airline miles and traveling around the country. Mike told the story of the time he and his band toured the east coast and experienced driving in the snow for the first time. Being a Los Angeles-based band, they didn't really know what they were doing and ended up driving into a ditch on the side of the mountain. Brian told a similar story in which he had a harrowing journey over a sketchy mountain road by himself on his way to a college gig.


Justin does team building games for dozens of companies across the country every year and some of the companies are more annoying than others. During the judging portion of the game with these annoying companies, Justin gets a little mean when passing judgement on the competitors' creations. The two times he's been a little short with the customers, he's gotten tipped by the event organizers.


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Update on The Merritt Tapes: Coming soon lol

Alright, When Was the Last Time You Came in Your Sleep?

  • MikeTV - Never
  • Justin - Sometime in his teens (maybe more recent)
  • Brian - Recently

Mike Cover's the Internet

This is the segment where we show MikeTV an internet video and he comes up with a cover on the spot. If the video isn't that much of a song, instead of a cover he'll just come up with a quick song, which is actually more impressive.

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Videos Played:

Please Donate Your Skin to the Diamond Club

Chatrealmer, Brett Millions was in the process of getting a <> tattoo during the recording of the show. HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT! He should really alter his will and donate his skin to us when he dies, and really, you should do the same. GIVE US YOUR SKIN!

Noighty Derks

Brian and Justin went on an extended side-jag as creepy victorian drunkards talking about "Noighty Derks", a mispronunciation of a Diamond Time submission for The Nordy Derk Podcast.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Movie Draft Minute

A few thoughts from the Movie draft talk

  • Ultron won't make what Avengers 1 did - Brian
  • The age of giant summer blockbusters is ending - Justin
  • The Mayweather - Pacquiao fight and the NBA playoffs hurt Avengers' box office - MikeTV
  • Mad Max is gonna SLAY. It'll take the #1 spot away from Avengers when it debuts - Brian
  • Besides Guardians, Edge of Tomorrow was the best movie of last summer - Brian
  • There will be more good movies last year than will come out this year - Justin
  • I hear Ex Machina is great - Everyone
  • Ex Machina isn't as good as Moon - Neshcom


Alright, this was a great episode, but it was followed by an INSANE aftershow. The guys started out talking about drugs and MikeTV's stint as a heroine addict. Then there was 90 minutes of drunk Hearth and Oates, which seamlessly transitioned into 40 minutes of talk about jizzing. This all amounted to the longest aftershow in recorded NSFW/Night Attack history at nearly 3 hours long.

The critics are raving! Leon says "This was THE BEST aftershow since the BBLiveshow days!", the creator of this page says "Instant classic!" and Daniel Connors says "You and me are the same guy!".

Great Quotes

  • "Sounds like a great way to put a bullet in your brain." - Brian referring to Mike's touring stories
  • "At some point, it shouldn't be 'no bars', it should just be a rapist with a knife on your phone." - Justin during the Travel Corner segment
  • "We're just guys from Queens, why you gotta act like we love putting our dicks in lizard birds? EEEEEHHHHH I'mAndrew Zarian" - Brian during the Movie Draft segment
  • "I've cum on a number of walls" - Brian in the aftershow when talking to Jackie Hern

Fun Facts

  • During the Travel Corner segment, Brian and Justin invented a new radio duo "Jack Hoff, and Smelly John"
  • Since all the guests were in-studio, Neshcom was behind the controls for this episode


  • Noighty Derks guy

Preshow Doc


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