Episode 72: Knock-Knock... SHUT UP

Brian, Justin, and Bonnie talk about the best way to answer their phones, they make fun of some made up startups, then Scott Sigler stops by to play a game with Brian.

Released on July 9, 2015, 2:15 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

Spiro and The Fudge encounter a cocaine snake.

Night 1

So Justin had an airline snafu on Tuesday night, causing him to miss the show. But since they still had Scott Sigler booked for Tuesday night, Brian decided to just do a stream at the normal time on Tuesday night with just him and Scott. Actually, Brandt and Rageselect's Grant Davis were in studio with Brian as well so they all played a round of Quiplash with the chatrealm (and one racist). Spoiler alert: Scott won.

Then Brian and Scott just BS'd for a while. After ending the recording, Brian showed a ton of old videos to Scott and Grant for like an hour and a half. It was pretty cool.

Night 2

Justin is no longer on a plane, and everything is set for a good old fashioned Night Attack on a wednesday night.

Loosy-Goosy Chit-Chat Jamboree

Topics discussed

  • Scott Sigler and Andrew Mayne's new books
  • Sizzurp/Purple Drank
  • Ways to answer your phone
    • "This is ____"
    • "There, there my little nigga"
    • "Go time!"
    • "Hot seat!"
    • "Caller you're on the air!"
    • "Time's now!"
    • Just immediately quote the price you sell your drugs
    • "Bing bong!"
    • "Life's only constant is death"
    • "Quick, before we die"
    • "QUICK! GO!"
    • Just act like somebody is calling you after the line cut out
    • "Oh, just a second, this asshole is calling me on the other line… Hello?"
    • Pretend like you just woke up (Brian does this all the time)
    • "Make a difference, be the change you want to be."
    • "Live it. Be it. Christ is a lie."
    • "Give it to me"
    • "Face down, ass up, this is ______"
    • "Ya did it pal! I knew you could!"
    • "Jizz mate!" (begin and end your calls with this)

Brian and Justin accepted The Secret Jizz Challenge: to answer the phone saying "Jizz mate!" as if you're a British person saying "Cheers mate!" whenever the phone rings.


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Startup Generator

Brian and Justin decided to delay the game Neshcom had prepared to play on the show and instead they just clicked this fake startup generator button for a while. tiffzhang.com/startup They kept generating new startups and talked about them as if they were tech reporters. After talking up the startup for a few minutes, Brian and Justin interviewed their celebrity endorser, Bonnie. The two startups they pimped were Picky and Squeezen

Movie Draft

  • Inside Out is Justin's favorite sci-fi film since Inception

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Great Quotes

  • Bonnie: "What can we say and not say?"

     Brian: "We just played the N-word like 20 times." (during the phone etiquette bit)

  • "Your Honor, he's literally masturbating right now. Can we please have him ejected?" - Brian immediately before the Squarespace ad

Fun Facts

  • Fuck Andrew Jackson!
  • Sassy McFasty is this year's Ramadan mascot
  • For the first time EVER, Justin got a noise complaint while doing the show in a hotel room.
    • You might think from watching the show that Justin is a loud dude, but if you've ever been in the same room as him during a show, you know that HE IS SO FUCKING LOUD.


Preshow Doc


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