Episode 83: Night Attack and Chill

Brian has finally cured his dance fever as he, Tom and Justin get ready to play Chatrealm Feud, watch Netflix and chill

Released on September 24, 2015, 11:00 pm UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on the DCTVpedia


So while watching preshow videos, they watched a video that certainly appeared to be a dude jumping off a building a barely surviving. It was fake, right? Let's go with that. Maybe skip over that part if you're watching the preshow.

Cold Open

What is leukorrhea?

What's the Funniest Way for an Orgasm to Happen?

The joke is usually to have the person screaming like an anime power up, but is that really the funniest? Brian told a story that Bonnie surely wouldn't approve of in which Brian imitated an episode of Better Call Saul and gave a loud wolf howl at the point of climax. Tom is a fan of just yelling a non-sequitur catchphrase. Justin came to the conclusion that sprouting wings and shooting through the ceiling would be the best.

Allie Goertz's Rick and Morty Concept Album

Friend of the show, Allie Goertz, just launched a Kickstarter for a Rick and Morty Concept album. Justin hung out with her in Portland a while back so they're pretty tight. Taking advantage of this friendship, Justin DM'd her to see if he could listen to some tracks that she already has done (after pledging $100, of course). On the show, Justin proved how much of an asshole he is and played a couple of the yet unreleased tracks on the show. The only way to mend this breach of trust is to take credit for funding the last $400 of her Kickstarter… WHICH WE TOTALLY DID DURING THE SHOW! YAY!

If you're reading this before October 16th, 2015, head on over to her Kickstarter and pledge some dollars. Link

Netflix and Chill

In the preshow it became apparent that Brian had never heard of the phrase "Netflix and Chill". During the show, Justin asked what Brian thought it meant. Brian's answer was "The wave of relaxation that occurs 20 minutes into getting high and watching Netflix." He'd love to watch Netflix and Chill with Tom! However "Netflix and Chill" actually refers to having sex with Netflix on in the background.


The Patreon is at $1933. If you want to become a patron, head on over to Patreon.com/NightAttack.

The Patreon Don, TimeJumper is live in Justin's studio. This dude supports fucking 90 something Patreon campaigns. Like… seriously, what the fuck? That shit's crazy!

Chatrealm Feud

Hey! It's a game brought to you by Chatrealmers Biocow and Gooses. It's Chatrealm Feud! So this is a game that is definitely in no way similar to the copyrighted game show "Family Feud". Tom and Brian are teaming up against Justin and TimeJumper to try and guess Chatrealm's most popular answers to a series of questions.

Something you never want Jury to teach your kid

  1. Sex
  2. F-word
  3. Manners/Grooming
  4. Hearthstone
  5. English/Math
  6. Racist Jokes
  7. Parenting
  8. Anything
  • Incorrect guesses:
    • Eat fire - Justin
    • Drive - TimeJumper
    • Get a job - Justin
    • How to get married - TimeJumper
    • Potty Training - Tom

The points go to Justin/TimeJumper!


Name something you would do with a dead body

  1. Bury/Cremate
  2. Weekend at Bernie's
  3. Hide
  4. Sex
  5. Eat
  6. Poke with stick
  7. Nothing
  8. Decorations


  • Incorrect guesses:
    • Fill it with candy - Justin
    • Fertilizer - TimeJumper
    • something incorrect that I didn't hear - Justin
    • Chop it up - Tom

The points go to Justin/TimeJumper!


Name a word that rhymes with "Brody"

  1. Grody
  2. Roady
  3. Toady
  4. Cody
  5. Moldy
  6. Chody
  7. Noidy
  • Incorrect guesses:
    • Soady - Brian
    • Jody - Tom
    • Throaty - Brian
    • Goatse - Justin

The points go to Brian and Tom!

Justin and TimeJumper win by some number of points!

LA Meetup!

Hey! If you're reading this, FUCK YOU! Because you are almost certainly too late for the LA meetup that will take place/took place less than 4 hours after this episode was recorded. It is going to be/was at the Now Boarding bar in West Hollywood. There will be/was a ton of awesome people there including the writer of this page.

Brian Be Dancin'!

So Brian just finished up filming for the DanceOn Dance Showdown and he has now idea how it went. He is terrified of dancing in public and he's unsure of how his dances came out. Brian talked a bit about how he's never experienced being part of a television production simply as talent. Also there was one point in filming where he realized that he was competing against people half his age.

Even though all the filming is done, the winner has yet to be chosen. A champion will be crowned by both judge's ratings and fan vote. Yes, that means that Chatrealm can have an effect on Brian's success. Stay tuned on voting details in the coming weeks. The premiere is on October 13th.

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!


Ok let's settle this Star Wars/Movie Draft thing once and for all. First point of business: Random/unknown draft order? Aye. Alright. Settled. Should we have a musical person write stingers for all the movies? Aye. Settled.

Now, the floor is opened to proposals for situations in which movies are perceived to have a value greater than 100 fake dollars.

Brian - Once bidding reaches 100, the bidding restarts as players bid for percentages of that movie.

Justin - Percentages are hard to understand. Movies should be split in just two parts. Either opening weekend and rest of run or just a 50/50 split.

Brian - I like both proposals, but I like opening weekend/rest of run rather than 50/50

Tom - So should Star Wars be split up BEFORE the draft?

Brian - I think the split should happen AFTER bidding reaches 100. We don't know that full-on Star Wars will go for 100. Also I like percentages since it is fully scalable and will work in any situation.

Tom - We should make Star Wars the first movie no matter what rules we decide on.

Justin - If we split it up, it should be in random order

Tom and Brian - If we split it up, it should be in random order, but it should be first if we do percentage bidding.

Justin - Yeah

Judge TimeJumper - Bid on percentages with random order and Star Wars first - Final Ruling

Oh yeah, if we wanna include The Martian, the draft will have to be next week. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Alright. The draft is on Cordkillers next week. 4 days from this episode. Fuck. We still gotta get guests and a musical person to write jingles. Fuck. Look at me saying this as if it is AT ALL out of the ordinary that this is happening so last minute.

Great Quotes

  • "Hey, I love sleeping together with you… in beds." - Justin imitating Abe Lincoln
  • "Aahh we should've eaten that dead body" - Brian during Chatrealm Feud

Fun Facts

  • TimeJumper was in Justin's studio for this episode
  • This episode was rescheduled two different times. This spurred Chatrealmer Icu to start the hashtags #Whenghazi and #Lategate


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