Episode 89: Bonn Stossel

Justin quit his day job, will the guys FINALLY be better at keeping their promises? We read some horrendous erotic short fiction and John Stossel, PLEASE COME ON OUR SHOW!

Released on November 4, 2015, 4:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open

Justin is totally fine with his addiction to H

Justin Says Goodbye

This week on the Jury show, Justin announced that he will be saying goodbye to his day job at The Go Game and start podcasting full-time. He is finally fulfilling the promise he made on the BBliveshow 6 years ago to marry the internet. Sorry Ashley. Justin told the story about the time he quit working for Andrew Mayne to move to California forThe Go Game. Fun fact, Brian asked Justin to move to Austin instead of California.

Alright, long time fans, I'm gonna recommend that you sit down before reading this. Now that Justin won't constantly be on the road for his day job, he will… are you ready? He will actually have time to prepare for the show and write bits. *Ode to Joy plays* IN FACT! He's prepare a bit for tonight's show! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Next you'll tell me that they'll actually remember old projects they've started. Wait… we're going back to Mission Imstosselable too? WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?


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Yo dawg. Real talk. We haven't lived up to the promise of the Patreon. Now that Justin has more time, you will get albums! You will get Brian and Justin in the same room! You will get your money's worth!

Mission Imstosselable

We're relaunching our campaign to get John Stossel on the show! Just normal impressions aren't gonna cut it. This time around Brian and Justin did scenes from Pulp Fiction using John Stossel impressions. They're gonna keep doing these scene recreations until Stossel comes on the show and also has lunch with Brian.

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Did you know that Justin got kicked out of a sketch comedy group back in college? Well he did. And the desire to prove how much funnier he is than the rest of the group has been the driving force behind Justin's move into the realm of comedy podcasting. Well one of the other dudes in the comedy group, Jake Goldman, setup the "HORRENDOUS EROTIC SHORT FICTION" blogspot page. The page is still up and there's only two posts on it. One from December 30th, 2008, one from January 2nd, 2009. One is written by Justin one written by Jake. The guys read both stories on the show and Bonnie had to guess which was which. If you're familiar with Justin's style, it's pretty obvious. Turns out Justin has always enjoyed using dictator's names in funny ways.

Anyway, read the stories for yourself here.

Brian Dances On!

Brian is on a reality dance competition competing against other YouTube celebrities (who are much younger than him) on a show called Dance Showdown. Let's see what happened in week 4! Brian didn't win the fan vote, but he and his partner did a very sexy dance which won them the judges' vote! The dance was quite sensual, so we got Bonnie's take on the dance. She started off very critical of his partner and ended up finding things to get mad at Brian about. Then Bonnie promised that whenever Brian wins the fan vote, she and Bonnie will do a reenactment on video. SO GO VOTE FOR BRIAN AND BRINN!








Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Politics Politics Politics

Hey, Justin has a new podcast and it's about politics. It's called Politics Politics Politics. If you enjoy listening to Justin talk about politics, this you'll love this.

Movie Draft Chat

  • Brian's going to win the draft on December 17, 2015 - Justin

EvLloyd Calls In

Blerch's dad, EvLloyd called in to talk about his wife who is going to have surgery to remove a benign tumor in her brain. Help the Blerch family pay the bills on gofundme and send her love on Instagram.

Wait Wait Wait! The Show's Not Over!

Brian and Justin were at Trudys Tex-Mex Restaurant and Bar with the Brushwood kids. Calliope, the 2-year-old has taken to dressing up like a princess, waving her magic wand and doing a pirouette to ward off bad guys. Somehow, it got started that when Callie would do a pirouette, everyone would go WOAH!. Then Callie pointed to Justin "Do a pirouette!", he did, WOAH! Josie! WOAH! Penny! WOAH! Brian! WO- *accidentally kicks his 2-year-old*.


The guys broke down the music video for Ice Cube's It Was A Good Day

Great Quotes

  • "Squaresites" - Brian
  • "Squarepace" - Brian
  • "My penis is bobbing as if there's lyrics at the bottom!" - Justin during the Dance Showdown segment
  • "Fuck you, we never loved you." - Brian right before they hung up on EvLloyd

Fun Facts

  • This is the third week in a row with Brian and Justin in the same room for the show. They say it's the first time ever. Did that ever happen before? In NSFW? I dunno, you're looking at a goddamn encyclopedia for their shows, LOOK IT UP!
  • Does Brian have Bell's Palsy? It's tough to say… But probably not


  • Cargill (Voice) at the end of the Patreon plug
  • John Stossel during Mission Imstosselable, the Squarespace ad and briefly during the Dance Showdown segment

Preshow Doc


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