Episode 9: Group Therapy

Wow man, shit goes DOWN when Korey and Martin come on. The preshow's awesome, the show gets SUPER awkward when Brian and Justin start fighting, then it gets awesome again. Jesus, I need a drink after this episode.

Released on April 26, 2014, 4:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

Show notes by Leon - Latest version on BBpedia!

Cold Open

None. They totally forgot to record a cold open.

Double Toasted

You might remember Korey and Martin from the shit they did over at Spill.com. Unfortunately, Spill is no more, but they're still doing shows and recording movies. Their new venture, DoubleToasted.com, is launching in June, 2014. In the mean time, they're posting all of their shows and reviews on SoundCloud.

Shootin' the Shit

Brian, Justin, Korey and Martin just talked about random crap for about a half hour.


  • Korey and Martin's new shows
  • Dark Souls 2 and the use of "casual" in reference to gamers
  • Mexican landscapers
  • Obama and Obamacare
    • A decent portion of the Chatrealm was not happy that politics got into their comedy show
  • Brian's children grabbing Korey's crotch

Why Are Daddy and Daddy Fighting?

Brian got a bit annoyed at Justin a couple times during the show and preshow. Justin just sat back and took it, but after a while he got fed up and they stopped the show in order to hash it out. It got REALLY awkward for about 20 minutes. Korey, Jay and especially Martin, helped them work through their issues.

Once they got through the Mailroute ad (the second time), things really got back on track.


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Hip Hop Speech Mixtapes

This week a speeches by Richard Feynman, L. Ron Hubbard and Ron Paul were played on top of hip hop beats with a medley of ridiculous soundboard clips.

Diamond Time

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The guys discussed the times that they've each encountered Alex Jones in real life. Surprisingly they were all pretty positive experiences.

Great Quotes

  • "Well shit, negro. That's all you had to say!" -Brian
  • "I'm sorry to interrupt the Caucus of the Urban League" -Justin
  • "Hey, remember the time Brian brought his wacky pals on the show to be funny and controversial and everything got serious and weird?" -TomatoMeister from the chatrealm
  • "This episode is super up its own butt." -HoopyHobo from the chatrealm
  • "Put your hands in the air if psychology is a lie!" -Brian

Fun Facts

  • This was the first time Korey and Martin have been together on a show with Brian and Justin since the infamous NSFW episode Hotel Rwanda for Dogs in which TWiT told them to be filthy and immediately regretted it.
  • The show got so weird and heated that literally everyone forgot about the Movie Draft Minute. Nobody in chat reminded Brian about it.

Preshow Doc


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