Episode 90: I'm Allergic to B's

Justin is back in Austin for a world record 4th time in a row! Mission ImStosselable continues and MikeTV joins us to create a new band and force Brian's employees to change their names.

Released on November 10, 2015, 5:00 am UTC


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Show Notes

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Cold Open


Scam Stuff Now Has A YouTube Channel

If you look at all the top YouTube creators, they all have multiple channels. It's time for Brian and Scam School to branch out a bit. He and Jason Murphy are going to film and release some of the awesome stuff that NatGeo didn't want to show on Hacking the System. The first video on the Scam Stuff channel is a behind the scenes video of Brian's knife trick "gone wrong". Man, it seems like that original video of his shows up on the front page of Reddit every few months, now when it shows up again, this new behind the scenes video will likely be posted in the comments for everyone to see. Pretty sneaky, Bri!

Original video

Behind the scenes video

Who's the B?

Fucking everyone gets Bryce and Brandt's names mixed up. They both work for Brian and both their names start with "Br" so they're essentially the same person. Justin proposed a gameshow in which Bryce and Brandt compete and the loser loses the "B" in their name and from now on has to go by either "Ryce" or "Rant".One dude even went and moved Bryce's DCTVpedia page to Ryce Castillo and changed every occurrence of "Bryce" to "Ryce". How neat is that?

What's Up, Justin?

So Justin has quit his job and is just finishing up the last of his Go Games before he's officially an independent podcaster. Well… actually, he's had a bunch of games in Austin, but two of them have been cancelled or moved to another date. So for the last two weeks, he has been getting paid to fly out to Austin, do Night Attack and fly back to Oakland. Wait, why is he quitting his job again? This is GREAT!

Wait, So Now We're ADDING B's to Everything Now?

Before, we were taking B's away from Bryce and Brandt, but then they started adding B's to everything, including dictator's names.


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Ya know how there's a Patreon level for "Horseboys" where a maximum of 4 Patreon mega-donors could listen in on Brian and Justin's private recording sessions. Unfortunately, those sessions have traditionally been a safe space where Brian and Justin can say absolutely anything to each other (i.e. horrifically offensive things) without worrying that any of it will ever get out. When there's even one person listening it, they can't help but censor themselves and try to put on a show for whoever's watching. So that's why there haven't been as many recording sessions. Justin promised that they will get back on schedule and the Horseboy's will get their money's worth.

Mission: ImStosselable

In the continuing quest to get John Stossel's attention, Brian and Justin performed a scene from The Matrix Reloaded as John Stossel. It was something with The Architect and Neo or something. Whatever. You can read the script here.

Hey John! Notice us!

Sup Mike?

Hey MikeTV is back with a brand new invention band. He's kinda the only guy left in Get Set Go, so it's definitely time to create something new. He and his girlfriend created a new band called "Say It With A Bullet".

Then the guys started to start their own band called "B-Day". They started playing their first song, it's a cover, it's the"Juicy Fruit" song from the old commercials. Alright. Cool! I'd go to one of their shows.

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Brian Dances On!

Last week, Brian and Bonnie promised that if Brian won the Dance Showdown fan vote for the week, they would dance the bachata live on the internet. Well… Brian won! And they did the "bachata". Does anyone really know what that dance is? If you know what that dance is, tell us by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to P.O. Box 10853 Oakland CA, 94610.

Like every week, we watched Brian's dance segment and showered in. This week Brian and Brinn did a car dance in a durable and dependable Toyota automobile. Toyota. Let's Go Places. So let's blow this shit up again! If Brian and Brinn win the fan vote this week, Brian and Bonnie will do their own car dance and we will get Brinn on the show to judge the dance

Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!

Movie Draft

  • Justin could've won the draft by just bidding 74% for Star Wars


Let's talk about winking. Do you wink? Are you a winker? Winks are pretty cool. More people should wink. What about smiley face emoticons?

Then this dude called in for a round of Don't Get Brody'd. The dude met Gus Fring. Not the actor, Giancarlo Esposito, Gus Fring. Brody'd before getting interesting.

Remember back when they were singing the Juicy Fruit song? Well, ok, get ready. What if we replaced "Juicy" with "Jizzy"! Turns out there's a business called "Jizzy Fruit" in Florida owned by some dude named "Young". This led to five or ten minutes of jizz/food talk.

Hey, what's Rockapella up to now? Actually they just reunited recently.

So what do you think about people who have never played a video game in their life getting popular off of video game covers? They talked a bit about this, Allie Goertz and Carmen Sandiego. Did you hear that Carmen Sandiego died from a Brain aneurysm?

Great Quotes

  • "...Neshcom and Bryce…" - Justin during the Scam Stuff segment
  • "Ohhh thinkin' like a theater!" - Bonnie during the DanceOn segment
  • "I WANT LOTS OF PEOPLE INSIDE OF ME!" - Brian thinkin' like a theater
  • "Uhhhh, ya got any cum?" - Brian in the aftershow
  • "Follow the clues cumshoes." - Bryce

Fun Facts

  • This is the fourth episode in a row in which Brian and Justin are in the same room. This streak will surely never ever ever be broken. Ever.
  • Carmen Sandiego is dead. Brain aneurysm. Yeesh. Really makes you think, ya know? Like about how precious life really is. One day you're criminal mastermind running from the authorities all around the world, the next- BAM. Dead. Brain aneurysm. Anyway... keep fuckin' that chicken.


Preshow Doc


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